Survivor’S remorsE




It’s 2016. Ryan Locate isn’t the only athlete to lie and get outed by video. Cam Calloway, a professional basketball player, was punched in his eye by his sister. Due to the bling ring, the punch caused major damage. It wasn’t a good look for Calloway’s image, which led to his decision to scheme up a different explanation. The best that he could do was that he slipped on a Coke spill that was on his marble floor, stating that he “landed on his eye.” The lie was going well until Calloway’s butler leaked the footage of the incident to the media. The same humiliation ensued for him that Lochte dealt with in his situation. The difference is, Calloway is not a real-life liar. He is the main character on “Survivor’s Remorse”, a comedy sitcom that airs on Starz. The show centers on Calloway, who has just signed a million-dollar contract, leaving the projects of Boston and purchasing himself and his family a mansion in Atlanta where he plays professional basketball. Surviving and becoming successful from the projects of Boston makes him a survivor. With success comes the inevitable feeling of guilt. NBA superstar LeBron James, along with his business partner Maverick Carter, serve as executive producers for the series.


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