Thank you, Kanye West.

1.2016, coldest winter ever, only thing that got you by, was the latest Kanye West sample. going through the darkest days, missing dad, couldn’t stand seeing moms. going through stage 3 breast cancer; only way able to get through it all,  putting your headphones in and picturing better nights. miss your boys back home and those who never known. feeling so alone, heart started turning cold. started realizing things that changed your world. never put money before a humans life. money be medusa, gotta just look at the perspective right.

2. most influential person in the world, due to your melodys. know things that you could be killed for. Americas most wanted, rap games number one role model. back from a life or death situation. life so beautiful, when you realize racism be the most fucked up shit of all time. 2017 the new ghetto gospel. the streets are gonna reap you, the suburbs gonna feel us. did it for ya’ll, human vessel, the worlds guiding light. Spit it through you, america is going to finally feel right. got everyone thinking it’s about damn time right. don’t go and make us go and get you the front page of the New York Times. you do that then we all fine. listen to your message, we can fix you. government just as corrupt as those who rob due to being broke/have an entire town willing to back up every single last quote.

3. You said next time you walk off stage lets follow, we just found white boy waldo. walk wherever you and your message go. agreed with every single thing you have said, back when you was producing for hov. imagine what we can do with your skin tone. sad thats gotta be a quote. best people in your life, those who aren’t the same one as ours. everybody else left you at your worst time, all of our albums were on constant repeat, benz and a backpack the true heart of an O.G. first time we heard family business, our entire heart broke. felt that shit all the way into your soul. brother use to pee the bed, that shit is no joke. life sucks man when our familys are the ones who make you broke. wasn’t talking money, was talking about our souls/ your cousin ever did what his did, you would have been shot a homie straight in his eye. Snares over drums, the theory was oh so right. one thing they can never take away from you, is we saved this kids life. when you wanted to kill yourself, we are the ones who showed you to the guiding light. had you sitting in our room taking notes all night, dropped out of college too worst fear being where do we go from here.

4. devil in a new dress, the reason behind your success. stepped up to the mic to prove we were the best. 5 beats a day for three summers, the struggle is the worst life one can handle. told yourself if we were able to do it, then just maybe you had hope. never thought a country wide tour would be on our outlook, in the flash of your eyes we went broke to rich with no quotes. you start rapping with passion. mixed with the darkest nights, you got yourself the theory of what this white boy is trying to be an example. Spit it through the artist, how you overcame misery. Ever get to meet ya’ll, going to tell you how much me thank you. let anybody else try and say something bad about anyone of you, we laugh in their face and say we did it with G. just give you the world, and we will non stop defend you. media losing its mind, saying what can they do. how can we attack you, when this kid all over the news. every outlet looking to get our story, We do that, and ya’ll off the hook. This your letter, a form of our thank you note. We appreciate you spitting your soul on our tracks, not letting them make you question twice, if you should ever stop your mission in life. homie you did it. You showed G. the light.



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