Thank you, Kanye West.


1.2016, coldest winter ever, only thing that got you by, was the latest Kanye West sample. going through the darkest days, missing dad, couldn’t stand seeing moms. going through stage 3 breast cancer; only way able to get through it all,  putting your headphones in and picturing better nights. miss your boys back home and those who never known. feeling so alone, heart started turning cold. started realizing things that changed your world. never put money before a humans life. money be medusa, gotta just look at the perspective right.

2. most influential person in the world, due to your melodys. know things that you could be killed for. Americas most wanted, rap games number one role model. back from a life or death situation. life so beautiful, when you realize racism be the most fucked up shit of all time. 2017 the new ghetto gospel. the streets are…

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