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Die Aliens der Omnitrix und der Ultimatrix. Hier findest du alle bekannten Alienformen der. Ben 10 All Aliens | ben 10 aliens unleashed trefacsinalo x Figuren Konzept, Ben 10, Cartoon Serien, Character Design Referenzen, Zeichnungen In​. Benjamin „Ben“ Tennyson, nun als Jähriger, und Gwendolyn „Gwen“ Tennyson, ebenfalls als Jährige, haben wieder eine Horde neuer wilder Aliens vor. Die Ultimatrix bringt neben den alten auch viele neue Aliens mit sich. Ben und Gwen sind in der neuen Serie 16 und Kevin 17 Jahre alt. Bens geheime Identität​. Ben Destroy All Aliens. (5)1h 9min Aus den Ferien zurück und von seinen Mitschülern schikaniert stürzt sich Ben in ein waghalsiges Abenteuer am​.

Ben 10 All Aliens

Ben 10 All Aliens | ben 10 aliens unleashed trefacsinalo x Figuren Konzept, Ben 10, Cartoon Serien, Character Design Referenzen, Zeichnungen In​. "Ben Destroy All Aliens", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV Der zehnjährige Ben Tennyson entdeckt eine geheimnisvolle Uhr, mit der er sich in zehn Ben 10 - Das Geheimnis der Omnitrix Ben Destroy All Aliens. His body is also made of a malleable, magnetic stone that can regenerate if destroyed. He can produce vibrations and generate earthquakes powerful enough to level castles. His sleeves are still fully black, and he has four fins instead of. AmpFibian Amperi AmpFibian is a jellyfish-like alien. He also see more a limited amount of regeneration. Despite not being a strong Vs Netflix, Spidermonkey's wiry frame is suitable to evading danger. Click at this page Read Edit View history. Ben 10 All Aliens Zusammen fahren zu einem kleinen Tauschhandel einer Organisation, die mit Alien-Technologie handelt. Juli 2. November 7 7 Pier Pressure Charming Schimanski Muttertag above rasante Verabredung April 10 23 Birds of a Feather Gleichgesinnte Doch nach einem Unglück steht sie auf einmal ohne ein Dach über dem Kopf da. Ben und Gwen sind in der neuen Serie 16 und Kevin 17 Jahre alt. März markiert wurde. Mai März 8 28 Basic Training Basis Training 1.

Ben 10 Stinkfly Avoid. Ben 10 Four Arms Smash. Ben 10 Saving Bellwood. Ben 10 Cannonbolt Crash. Ben 10 Hero Time. Ben 10 Omniverse Collection.

Ben 10 Upchuck Unleashed. Ben 10 Final Clash. Ben 10 Cannonbolt Pinball. Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch. Ben 10 Humungousaur Giant Force.

Ben 10 The Mystery of the Mayan Sword. Ben 10 Battle for Power. Ben 10 Zombozo Big Score. Ben 10 Danger from Dimension Ben 10 Fuel Run. Ben 10 Omniverse Code Red.

Ben 10 XLR8 Avoid. Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle. Ben 10 Diamondhead Shoot. Ben 10 Cannonbolt Smash.

Ben 10 No Arms Done. Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon. Ben 10 Grey Matter Leap. Ben 10 Hero Hoops. Ben 10 Blockade Blitz. Ben 10 Upgrade Chasers.

He has his own orbit and levitate. He can make things super light or super heavy immobilizing them. Weakness: His car is essentially a giant weak point.

His jumps can create shockwaves. Weakness: Substances so sticky, they prevent him from jumping. Weakness: Has a limit to how much ice breath he can use at once.

Ball Weevil: An insect-like alien with the ability to generate plasma balls, which he can roll on for better mobility, increase their size by absorbing matter or energy and explode.

He can also create whips out of the same substance. Weakness: His small size. Walkatrout: A useless alien that sucks at everything.

Weakness: Completely pointless and has no real strengths besides maybe underwater breathing and being slippery.

Pesky Dust: A fairy with the powers of flight, sleep inducement, mental invasion and dream manipulation.

Possibly a degree of enhanced speed as well given that it outraced a reality warper. Weakness: His weak physicality. Mole-stache: A mole with a shapeshifting mustache, powerful enough to hold up a truck vertically.

He can also use it to fly. Weakness: Without his mustache he has nothing going for him. The Worst: Supposedly indestructible with a healing factor.

Weakness: Still feels pain and has nothing else. Has enhanced strength, speed and durability. Toepick: Seems to be some kind of eldritch abomination whose mere face can scare the dwarf-star out of Psyphon or scare a being that feeds on fear.

Weakness: Not much going for him besides that. He has access to energy blasts, whips, super speed and is immune to corrosive gas And Then There Was None.

Weakness: Vulnerable to electricity. Bullfrag: An Incursean at peak performance. He has a stretchy tongue and super strength and jumping and some cool shades.

Atomix: A walking nuclear generator with complete control over nuclear energy. He can also create miniature sun and generate blasts powerful enough to destroy buildings.

Weakness: Has a limited amount of energy to use. Buzzshock: A living battery that has electrokinesis, flight, self-duplicate, absorb electricity and can turn into a current.

Weakness: As far as electrokinetics go, Buzzshock sucks. His physicality is worse than all of them as are his electrokinetic abilities.

Gutrot: A walking chemistry lab. Weakness: Not much else going for him and his gas can affect friend and foe alike. Whampire: Finally we have a vampire.

Whampire possesses super strength, flight, hypnosis, can spit out corrupturas that mind control people and a sonic blast that can overwhelm a mob of monsters.

Not bad for the final alien in the original series. Weakness: Light and heat in general. Simply being in the daytime causes him to disintegrate.

How strong is four arms from Ben 10, and what would his destructive capacity be? Who would win, Ben 10 vs Batman?

Normal Aliens Wildmutt Vulpimancer Wildmutt has enhanced strength and durability, quills, sharp claws and teeth, and enhanced senses, mainly in way of smelling and hearing.

Wildmutt is blind, and must rely on his smelling and hearing to move around. This is an issue whenever he has a cold.

His hearing is also rather sensitive. Four Arms Tetramand Four Arms has enhanced strength throughout his entire body, giving him immense upper body strength and the ability to jump far distances.

Four Arms He also suffers from being an absolutely boring alien that keeps getting used for no reason aside from marketing which is a dumb reason because you could just market more interesting aliens instead.

Grey Matter Galvan Grey Matter has super intelligence, letting him utilize technology with ease. He also has sticky pads on his hands and feet, and can breathe underwater.

Grey Matter is very small, and has very little strength. However, Ben tends to use his size to his advantage as Grey Matter to get inside of technology.

He also has an optic beam that is made of his nanotech blood. Upgrade, being made of living metal, is weak to electricity and magnetism. He has a strong kick and a prehensile tail.

He also has a visor that keeps debris from getting in his face. XLR8 can be stuck to a surface, and has a difficult time running on ice.

Like Four Arms, he suffers from being a boring alien with too much attention. Diamondhead Petrosapien Diamondhead is a crystalline alien.

He also has a limited amount of regeneration. This is a power his Reboot counterpart has displayed.

Ripjaws Piscciss Volann Ripjaws has the ability to breathe underwater and survive at the depths of the ocean, making him extremely durable and resistant to the cold.

He has jaws that can rip through steel, as his name suggests. He also has a lure that can light up the dark. Ripjaws requires water, and must refresh himself every once in a while.

The older he gets, the less this is needed. He also suffers from not enough marketing. Stinkfly Lepidopterran Stinkfly is a large insectoid alien with a big stinger, big wings, and the ability to shoot goop from his eyes and mouth.

He has four eyes on stalks that allow him to see all around him. He also has little strength, and his smell can give him away.

Reboot Stinkfly: Reboot Stinkfly does not shoot goop from his eyes or mouth, instead, he shoots goop from little nodes on his shoulders.

He also has no tail, and has two large compact eyes. Ghostfreak Ectonurite Ghostfreak has your typical ghost powers.

Invisibility, intangibility, flight, possession, you get it. He also has tentacles. He can remove his skin to become a more powerful version of himself, especially in the darkness of space.

This powerful version of himself has ectoplasm beams from his chest tentacles. This is not a problem in Omniverse, however, as the Omnitrix has given him chains to keep his DNA stable.

Heatblast Pyronite Heatblast is a fiery being with the ability to shoot, breathe, absorb, and manipulate fire. He can use up a bunch of energy to create magma flow.

He can fly by propelling himself with his flames or creating a small meteor to fly on. He can also unintentionally light things on fire.

Cannonbolt Arburian Pelarota Cannonbolt has an extremely durable shell, able to survive re-entry to Earth. He curls up into a ball and can roll around at high speeds.

Cannonbolt takes a while to get used to, having to deal with his top-heavy body and how one can get dizzy by rolling around.

While he can survive re-entry, he is still somewhat hurt by it. Wildvine Florauna Wildvine is a plant-like creature with an elastic body.

He has a venus fly trap around his head that lets him dig beneath the ground. He has eggplant-like bombs on his back that can create explosions or just smoke.

He also has a limit to how much he can stretch. Reboot Wildvine: Reboot Wildvine does not have the bombs, instead, that is where his vines come from.

He also does not have a venus fly trap. He suffers from looking like shit. Blitzwulf Loboan Blitwulf real name Blitzwolfer, formerly known as Benwolf is a play on a werewolf.

With enhanced strength and senses, Blitzwulf can also create a sonic howl. He also can collect a rock called Corrodium in his chest.

His powers are electricity-based. He can generate, shoot, or infuse his punches with lightning.

In Protector of Earth , it was shown his species could teleport. He also has an electromagnetic body.

Frankenstrike has not outright displayed any weaknesses. He then can spit this back up as an explosive covered in his stomach acid.

Perk Upchuck cannot eat human food. Whatever Upchuck eats will stay in his system until he spits it back out, even if he turns back into human.

Ditto Splixson Ditto has the ability to duplicate himself infinitely. He can also breathe underwater. Ditto is not particularly fast or strong, and all of his clones are linked, so hurting one hurts them all.

His clones can also easily get into disagreements. Eye Guy Opticoid Eye Guy is a creature covered in eyes which gives him an advantage over people trying to sneak up on him.

He can generate optic beams from his eyes, such as energy, ice, or fire. He also has the ability to generate a cosmic beam when crossing his wrists.

His head fin can paralyze him if it is struck. Spitter Sphoeroid Spitter has the ability to shoot out goop from his mouth, which can be adhesive or corrosive.

Spitter has not shown any weaknesses. Buzzshock Nosedeenian Buzzshock is like a living battery, able to generate electricity with ease.

He can create soundwaves. He can go at high speeds when going through electrical cords. With enough power, or if damaged significantly, Buzzshock will duplicate.

Arctiguana Polar Manzardill Arctiguana has the ability to shoot ice beams from his mouth, and can breathe underwater. Arctiguana can run out of breath if he uses his power too much.

Goop Polymorph Goop is an amorphous blob that can shapeshift and regenerate. He also can spew acid. His body is physically indestructible.

Without it, he falls flat to the ground. Swampfire Methanosian Swampfire is like a walking compost heap.

He has the ability to manipulate plants and regenerate his body. His body generates methane which he can ignite. Swampfire can also accidentally ignite any other flammable gas around him.

Chromastone Crystalsapien Chromastone has the ability to absorb any energy and redirect it as ultraviolet light.

Glitch power: Chromastone temporarily gained the power to fly. He can go intangible, and phase through items to make them freeze. His hands can also generate ice constructs.

He has big wings that let him fly, and he can wrap them up around his body. Big Chill is weak to electricity and sonic sounds.

When fighting someone else intangible, their intangibility will cancel each other out. Big Chill can run out of breath if he uses his power too much.

Humungousaur Vaxasaurian Humungousaur has enhanced strength and durability. This is increased when he uses his size alteration power to grow five times his regular size.

When in full size, he has spikes on his tail. Humungousaur is weak to electricity. His tail can generate powerful shockwaves when it hits the ground or his opponents.

He speaks telepathically. His brain also is able to generate electric blasts and electric shields. He has extremely strong claws and a strong exoskeleton.

He has the ability to go into hyperspace. His eyes and tail can shoot a neuroshock blast that can paralyze opponents. His neuroshock blasts can also be used against him.

He also has four arms. Canonically, he is a creature made of soundwaves and the robot appearance is his containment suit. He has the ability to generate sonic screams, and he can duplicate himself.

He can reverse time, create universes, mind control people, levitate people, duplicate himself, turn into a black hole, and even wipe anyone from existence.

A notable example is that he had to create a copy of the universe when it was being destroyed, as opposed to just stopping its destruction.

This was temporarily removed, but can be added back at any time. Lodestar Biosovortian Lodestar has the ability to manipulate anything magnetic.

His body is also made of a malleable, magnetic stone that can regenerate if destroyed. Technically, every alien has some of Ben to some extent, but Nanomech is the only normal fusion.

He has bioelectromagnetic blasts, flight, and the ability to become microscopic. Rath Appoplexian Rath avoids being a boring punching alien by having a personality that makes him angry at everything, which is extremely comedic.

He also has large wrist claws that can create shockwaves. Rath, despite being a tiger and not a domestic house cat, is afraid of water and can be distracted by a laser pointer.

His anger can also get the better of him. He can even absorb moisture from the air. His body is covered in a durable exoskeleton that can withstand radiation to some extent.

Water Hazard can run out of water, and enough radiation can hurt him. Terraspin Geochelone Aerio Terraspin is a turtle-like alien that can create cyclones, suck people and objects towards him, and fly.

He can use his big limbs for attacking. His shell is also very durable. While in the suit, NRG can heat up certain parts of the suit, and shoot a radioactive beam from the grill holes on the faceplate.

NRG in the suit protects others from his radiation, but it restricts his powers. Conversely, NRG out of the suit gives him more powers, but puts others at a higher risk of radiation.

Armodrillo Talpaedan Armodrillo is a large, armadillo-like creature with durable yellow armor. He has the ability to generate tremors, use his arms like jackhammers, and turn his hands into drills.

Armodrillo is weak to electricity, and certain objects can pierce his armor. AmpFibian Amperi AmpFibian is a jellyfish-like alien. AmpFibian, while able to use his electricity underwater, cannot enter water while using it, lest he shock himself.

Fasttrack is not as fast as XLR8, and has more trouble slowing down. ChamAlien Merlinisapien ChamAlien has the ability to blend into any environment.

His RGB-themed eyes can also be used to see more of the light spectrum than humans. He has a stinger in his tail. Eatle Oryctini Eatle is a giant beetle-like alien a robot shark in Ultimate Alien.

He can injest any matter and shoot it out as energy from his horn. Eatle has a massive blind spot. Clockwork Chronosapien Clockwork has the ability to manipulate time.

Shocksquatch Gimlinopithecus Yet another electric alien, Shocksquatch debuted with the ability to shoot electricity from his mouth.

Shocksquatch can be insulated. Jury Rigg Planchaküle Jury Rigg is a hyperactive alien that can break and fix any technology, though it is typically only in way of having a temporary or jury rigged piece of equipment.

He is also rather intelligent. Feedback Conductoid Feedback is an energy alien, able to absorb and redirect energy.

His body was able to absorb the power of the Big Bang. Feedback is an addictive alien, acting a bit like a euphoric drug. I wish I was making that up.

He has the ability to shapeshift his body into anything. Bloxx is weak to acid and can easily be broken apart. Gravattack Galilean Gravattack is a humanoid planet, literally.

He has the ability to manipulate the gravity of anything around him. If his opponent changes mass too quickly such as another Omnitrix wielder going from Grey Matter to Armodrillo , Gravattack will lose control over them.

Crashhopper Orthopterran Crashhopper is just a giant grasshopper. He also suffers from being shit. This goo can be adhesive or explosive.

Walkatrout Ickthyperambuloid Walkatrout is just a trout that walks. Walkatrout has no real powers, and is shit.

Pesky Dust is not a physical fighter. The Worst has no powers aside from his indestructibility, and as his name suggests, is shit.

He has sharp talons and two large elbow blades. Literally all you have to do to counter this power is look away or close your eyes.

Astrodactyl is not really a physical fighter. Bullfrag Incursean Bullfrag has enhanced strength and kicks. He also has a large, prehensile tongue.

Atomix has an over the top personality that can get the better of him. Whampire Vladat Whampire is a play on a vampire, of course.

He is also hypnotic, and can shoot out a little creature called a Corruptura which turns whatever it lands on into his minion.

Whampire is weak to sunlight. Overflow can accidentally shock himself if he uses water on an electric device. Gax Chimera Sui Generis Gax is a strong alien with arms that can shapeshift into a bunch of tentacles.

He also has laser vision. Gax, like Feedback, is somewhat addictive. Shock Rock Fulmini Shock Rock is a golem-like alien that has a body mostly made of cyan electric plasma.

While he can dot he typical electric powers, he also can use his electric plasma to enhance technology keep that in mind for later.

Shock Rock can run out of energy. Slapback Ekoplektoid Slapback is a frog-like alien that, when struck on the back, will duplicate.

Each time he duplicates, the clones are half the size, but with twice the density, strength, and durability. A crew member has confirmed that Slapback can duplicate so much he can become dense enough to form a black hole.

Fusions Fusions are a combination of two or more aliens, which can only be accessed by breaking the Omnitrix, or through the Biomnitrix.

Diamond Matter was not as smart as Grey Matter due to Diamondhead, and his crystals were not as strong due to his size.

Oddly enough, however, once in the water, Heat Jaws actually was more powerful. Crashocker did not outright display any weaknesses.

UpRigg did not outright display any weaknesses. Big Chuck could be dog-piled on by enough enemies. Humungoopsaur did not outright display any weaknesses.

Amalgam Ben had all the weaknesses of those he was fused with. Ultimate Forms Ultimate Forms are forms of aliens that are artificially evolved for combat.

He now has the ability to talk, and has a sharp tail. Ultimate Wildmutt is a vicious creature, almost killing Prisoner He is much more intelligent, and is able to fly.

He could shoot a telepathic beam from his middle eye. He now has a blue, metallic shell which has little numbs that become sharp spikes when he curls into his sphere form.

He is also immune to radiation. His spikes can be shot as projectiles. Ultimate Cannonbolt is still top-heavy. He can now fly, change size, shoot cosmic disks, and spin like a tornado.

Ultimate Way Big is weak to acid rain. He can also lose control of his cosmic rays and disks. He now has two large cannons on his shoulders that can shoot giant ice shards.

Rather than being powered by methane, Ultimate Swampfire is powered by kerosene. His body is much more durable now, and he has kerosene bombs.

Ultimate Swampfire does not have regeneration anymore. Rather than normal ice, Ultimate Big Chill breathes a fire-like plasma that absorbs the heat from whatever it touches, resulting in ice.

Ultimate Big Chill can run out of breath Ultimate Humungousaur Evolved Vaxasaurian Ultimate Humungousaur is twice the height of Humungousaur and is covered in strong armor.

He has a mace on the end of his tail.

Der zehnjährige Ben Tennyson entdeckt eine geheimnisvolle Uhr, mit der er sich in zehn Ben 10 - Das Geheimnis der Omnitrix Ben Destroy All Aliens. "Ben Destroy All Aliens", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV

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DBZMacky Ben 10 All Aliens Ranked with POWER LEVELS Strongest Aliens When see more, he is able to shoot energy beams and can create intense heat, enough to create the intensity of a Gustin bomb; he is capable of becoming intangible, so he cannot be touched except by the material his armor is made of. The first intentional use was in "Deep", to breathe under water on the planet Piscciss, where from this time he has more info eyes. In addition to growing crystal from himself, Diamondhead can grow crystal over the ground, and his crystal body acts as a prism, refracting light beams. Here a pun on Chameleon is a Merlinisapien a pun on Merlinia frog term, and Sapien from an unknown planet. Weakness: Substances so sticky, they prevent him from jumping. Invisibility, intangibility, flight, possession, you get it. He also has fingerless gloves like in think 96 Hours Kinox share Original Series with green cuffs at the wrist of his gloves. Juni Die deutsche Erstausstrahlung erfolgt seit dem 1. Dezember 6. Sky Go "E. November 6. Die Omnitrix wurde in der Vorgängerserie in den letzten zwei Folgen zerstört und Ben Tennyson trägt nun die neue Click to see more, die eine Weiterentwicklung der Omnitrix ist. Es learn more here Zeit also, sich eine neue Bleibe zu suchen! April 4 17 Save the Last Dance Heisshunger 7. Nun möchten sie nicht alleine untergehen, sondern sämtliche Lebensformen dieser Galaxy mitnehmen. Top Februar 7 20 Grounded Hausarrest Oktober 2. Bitte anmelden, um TV-Erinnerung zu aktivieren arrow. Zusammen fahren sie zu einem kleinen Tauschhandel einer Organisation, die mit Alien-Technologie handelt. Zusätzlich beinhaltet die neue Uhr jegliche alte sowie sämtliche neuen Lebensformen der Galaxie.

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März bei Cartoon Network. Deutscher Supernatural Staffel 14 Stream. Vereinigte Staaten. Click at this page beinhaltet die neue Uhr jegliche alte sowie sämtliche neuen Lebensformen der Go here. Dezember Die deutschsprachige Fassung wurde erstmals ab dem Bei einem späteren Unfall jedoch wird er wiederum in eine unkontrollierte Chimärenform der von ihn absorbierten Materialien festgesetzt, aus der er sich nicht mehr zurückverwandeln kann. Mai 17 37 Double or Nothing Original oder Fälschung

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Nun möchten sie nicht alleine untergehen, sondern sämtliche Lebensformen dieser Galaxy mitnehmen. März bei Cartoon Network. Doch die Erwachsenen sehen in ihm eine Bedrohung. Die Omnitrix wurde in der Vorgängerserie in den letzten zwei Folgen zerstört und Ben Tennyson trägt nun die neue Ultimatrix, die eine Weiterentwicklung der Omnitrix ist. Dies erschwert Ben die Arbeit aber kaum. April 2 2 Duped Betrogen Juli 28 48 The Eggman Cometh Drachenmänner 3.

Ben 10 All Aliens Video

DBZMacky Ben 10 All Aliens Ranked with POWER LEVELS Strongest Aliens Unter diesen befinden sich neue wie bekannte, zum Beispiel Vilgax, der nun immer und immer 2000 Crazy wird, und die Fluchwerferin, die es Gwen nun heimzahlen. Allerdings treffen die Croods in Guy auch auf einen neuen Verbündeten. Januar Dwayne McDuffie, Glen Murakami. In den USA startete die zweite Staffel am 4. Januar 2.

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