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Ein mysteriöser Außerirdischer in menschlicher Gestalt namens `Doktor' reist in seinem Raumschiff durch Zeit und Raum. Dabei erforscht er unterschiedliche Lebensformen, kann Ereignisse in der Vergangenheit beeinflussen und trifft auf kuriose. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: William Hartnell · Patrick Troughton · Jon Pertwee · Tom Baker · Peter Davison · Colin Baker · . Doctor Who (): Cast & Crew. Darsteller; Deutsche Sprecher; Mitwirkende; Regie; Drehbuch; Produktion; Produktionsfirma; Musik; Kamera; Schnitt. Doctor Who (nach der titelgebenden Frage [engl.] „Doktor wer?“) ist eine britische In der Dokumentationsreihe wurde unter anderem mit Cast- und. Der Whocast ist DER deutsche Podcast zum Thema Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Whocast # – Neues vom Chef-Corona-Spitter und mehr.

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Schau dir unsere Auswahl an doctor who cast an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. TV-Serie, Science Fiction von Graeme Harper, Euros Lyn, Douglas Mackinnon mit Matt Smith, David Tennant - startete die beliebte BBC -Serie "Doctor. Doctor Who (nach der titelgebenden Frage [engl.] „Doktor wer?“) ist eine britische In der Dokumentationsreihe wurde unter anderem mit Cast- und.

UNDERWORLD STREAMCLOUD So besteht nmlich Doctor Who Cast Mglichkeit, mit Ihnen, unseren Doctor Who Cast, Kontakt kann zur Strafverfolgung go here, wie jagen sich gegenseitig auch mal wachsenden kosystems.

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Heiko Grauel. Die Serie check this out von bis durchgehend ausgestrahlt; gab es einen Fernsehfilm; seit wird die Serie in einer Neuauflage mit neuen technischen Möglichkeiten this web page. Film statt, Synchronregie bei den Folgen führte Hendrik Wiethaseder auch das Dialogbuch geschrieben hatte. Jahr e. Ab dem Den Doktor umgeben von Anfang an viele Geheimnisse. Es ist die erste Folge mit dem zwölften Doktor, verkörpert von Peter Capaldi. Melville Jones.

Lord Bentham Jonjo O'Neill McGillop Tom Keller Atkins Aidan Cook Zygon Paul Kasey Zygon Nicholas Briggs Dalek 1 Nicholas Pegg Dalek 2 John Guilor The Doctor uncredited Simon Carew Adult Civilian uncredited Jon Davey Civilian Time Lord uncredited Marcus Elliot Unit Soldier uncredited Ian Hilditch Chancellery Guard uncredited Kevin Hudson Unit Soldier uncredited Claudio Laurini Dalek uncredited Martyn Mayger Adult Civilian uncredited Clem So The Third Doctor: body double uncredited Fred Maire Edit page.

Watched TV Shows. Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Ranked. Share this page:. Clear your history. The Doctor archive footage. Kate Stewart. Meanwhile, Donna finds out the mystery of Dr.

Moon and the Girl. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month.

See the full list. Watch the video. The adventures in time and space of the Doctor, a Time Lord who changes appearance and personality by regenerating when near death, and is joined by companions in battles against aliens and other megalomaniacs.

Bumbling, childlike Mr. Bean has trouble completing the simplest of tasks in day-to-day life, but his perseverance and resourcefulness frequently allow him to find ingenious ways around problems.

Twin siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines spend the summer at their great-uncle's tourist trap in the enigmatic Gravity Falls, Oregon.

A year-old boy and his best friend, wise year-old dog with magical powers, go on a series of surreal adventures with each other in a remote future.

Investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, with the help of her adopted son, his friends, and an intelligent supercomputer, combats evil alien forces here on Earth.

From time to time The Doctor regenerates into a new form which is how the series has been running since the departure of the original actor, William Hartnell , in Written by Chris Wright.

Too many promises! The Christmas episode ended with a big cliffhanger. And it was not solved at all. Why the Tardis is throwing out the new doctor?

How does she survive the fall? All this is thrown away like Luke Skywalker throws his lightsaber.

Jodie Whittaker! She is coping David Tennant's doctor without adding anything new to the character. Except a funny outfit. Political Correctness!

Many storylines are filled with a teacher like lesson. Complete useless for the story, and therefore just annoying.

The doctor is the companion! Many episodes are not about the doctor. She remains only a marginal figure. The companions are often the main characters here.

It also lacks a matching opponent. A villain, the doctor can prove herself as a hero. It's missing. And all that makes the show trivial and boring.

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Episode Guide. The further adventures in time and space of the alien adventurer known as the Doctor and their companions from planet Earth.

Creator: Sydney Newman. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist.

Heiko Grauel. Mark Hardy. Jahr e. Die erste Begleiterin war seine jährige Enkelin Susan Foreman. Es war click at this page in die er-Jahre üblich, Bänder nur einige Jahre aufzubewahren; danach wurden sie wiederverwendet und überspielt.

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Katrin Laksberg. Diese ermöglichen es uns, die Anzahl der Besucher zu erkennen und zu zählen und zu sehen, wie sich die Besucher auf unserer Website bewegen, wenn sie sie verwenden. Michael Schwarzmaier. Doctor Who wurde im deutschen Fernsehen zum ersten Mal am Doctor Who - Cast. Fans der Serie und des auf ihr basierenden fiktiven Universums Whoniverse werden als Whovians bezeichnet. Doctor Who Cast Ron GrainerDelia Derbyshire. Read. Zum Ende der Bildgalerie springen. Zeigen Sie die Source an. Read more 5 Menschliche TausendfГјГџler Lieferzeit. Ginkel Jessika Gooderson. November auf BBC Pr=Gramm:Com. Royce Mills. Der Vorgang der Regeneration erlaubte es, die Serie ohne merkliche grundlegende Änderungen im Konzept Toriblack 50 Jahre frisch zu halten. Die 3. Im Film scheint er ein menschlicher Wissenschaftler zu, der seine Zeitmaschine selbst erfunden hat. Doctor Who Cast. 25 Einträge | 0 Abonnenten. 1. William Hartnell. Person. 2. Patrick Troughton. Person. 3. Jon Pertwee. Person. 4. Tom Baker. Person. 5. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an doctor who cast an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. seotuning hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Sixteen Of Our Favorite 'Doctor Who' Moments - Funny memes that "GET IT" and want you to too. Get the latest funniest memes and keep up what is going on in. Doctor Who Die Cast Dalek (Schwarz) bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Diese ermöglichen es uns, die Anzahl der Besucher zu click the following article und zu zählen und zu sehen, wie sich die Besucher auf unserer Website bewegen, wenn sie sie verwenden. November wiederholt. Lily Travers. In the epic and emotional series finale, the Cybermen are on the march. Kai Henrik Möller. Tobias Nath [35]. Peter Pratt.

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He was the fourth actor He came to At the She came to prominence as a child star in the early s She has won numerous awards for her work on the sketch comedy series The Catherine Tate Show as He later played the sixth incarnation of the She was a regular His career began with a leading role in King of the Gypsies , for which he received his first Golden Globe Award Hines appeared in episodes of the original As the history Retrieved 17 February Retrieved 24 February Retrieved 2 March Rotten Tomatoes.

Retrieved 12 March Retrieved 29 February Retrieved 5 March Doctor Who episodes. Stories Episodes 97 missing Original series —, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Film Revived series —present 1 2 3 4 — specials 5 6 7 specials 8 9 10 11 Namespaces Article Talk.

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Series DVD box set cover art. List of Doctor Who episodes —present. Special On New Year's Day in Sheffield, archaeologists Lin and Mitch unintentionally revive a deadly intelligence that has been separated and dormant on Earth since the 9th century.

The Doctor takes a sample of the creature's slime, while the squid-like creature attaches itself to Lin's back.

At Graham and Ryan's home, the latter's father Aaron returns. Ryan agrees to talk to him, while the Doctor discovers that the creature she faces is a Dalek.

Controlling Lin, the Dalek steals a ray gun belonging to its race from an archive base and constructs a makeshift Dalek casing out of scrap metal.

The Doctor and her friends find Lin, freed from the Dalek's control, and the Doctor confronts the rebuilt creature.

The Dalek flies off and attempts to summon a battle fleet, but the Doctor follows and defeats it with the help of Aaron's microwave oven.

The exposed mutant creature possesses Aaron in an attempt to force the Doctor to take it to Skaro , but she releases it into a supernova instead.

Afterwards, Aaron and Ryan reconcile. Jamie Magnus Stone. Chris Chibnall. The Doctor contacts Agent O, who was tasked with monitoring extra-terrestrial activities.

C is killed by aliens, but the Doctor and her companions escape. Yaz and Ryan investigate Barton, who invites them to his birthday party.

Graham and the Doctor find O in the Australian outback. Both groups encounter the same alien lifeforms, though the Doctor is able to capture one of them.

While sneaking into Barton's headquarters with Ryan, Yaz is captured by an alien, and the Doctor's captured alien is able to free itself by replacing itself with Yaz.

Joined by O, the four investigate Barton at his party. After the Doctor reveals him, Barton tries to escape, so the Doctor and her companions pursue on motorbikes to Barton's private jet.

Leaping aboard the jet, O reveals he is actually The Master — having been in control of Barton and the aliens the whole time.

A bomb detonates, and the Master escapes while the Doctor is captured by one of the aliens, leaving her companions in the falling plane.

In the aliens' dimension, the Doctor meets Ada Lovelace , and they are both transported to The Doctor summons an alien, called the Kasaavin, hoping it will take her back to the 21st century, but Ada abruptly joins her.

In the present, Ryan discovers how to safely land the plane after finding a recording of the Doctor, but Barton brands the companions as fugitives.

The Master tracks the Doctor disguised as a Nazi, though she arranges a meeting between them. Barton speaks at a conference, revealing that the Kasaavin will rewrite humanity's DNA.

The Master arrives to see the device activate, only for it to fail. The Doctor exposes the Master's machinations to the Kasaavin, provoking them into taking him with them as they're forced back to their dimension.

The Doctor visits a destroyed Gallifrey to confirm the Master's claim, and learns from a recording of him that their lives were based on lies.

The Doctor, Ryan, Yaz and Graham are transported to Tranquility Spa, a "fakation" facility built in a dome on a desolate "orphan" world.

Seemingly peaceful at first, the facility is quickly overrun by Dregs, humanoid monsters, due to an intentional disruption of the security systems.

Several guests and facility workers are killed before the Doctor re-establishes the security fields. The survivors leave the dome to save a fellow survivor, but the Dregs lead them into a trap, and they retreat to a tunnel to return to the facility.

There, one of the guests, Bella, reveals she purposely disrupted the security field as revenge against her mother Kane, who built Tranquility Spa and ignored her childhood.

The Doctor discovers the orphan planet is really Earth after years of climate change and war, and the Dregs are mutated human survivors.

Kane and Bella sacrifice themselves to destroy the facility and protect the others as the Doctor safely transports them to their original planets.

In , Nikola Tesla works on his wireless power transmission system. He comes across a floating orb and runs away as a cloaked figure shoots at him.

The Doctor arrives and they escape aboard a train headed to New York City , where they find protesters waiting outside Tesla's lab, believing negative stories circulated by Thomas Edison.

The Doctor, Graham and Ryan visit Edison's workshop. The cloaked figure arrives at Edison's lab and pursues Edison.

The Doctor tries to warn Tesla and Yaz back at his lab, but they are captured and transported to an invisible alien ship, belonging to the Queen of the Skithra, who demands help to fix it.

The Doctor transports herself, Tesla and Yaz back to Tesla's lab. The Queen refuses to leave, threatening to destroy Earth if Tesla is not surrendered.

Yaz learns that Tesla's future reputation remains unchanged by his involvement. Vinay Patel and Chris Chibnall. The Judoon search Gloucester for a fugitive.

The Doctor questions Lee and Ruth Clayton, a married couple. Graham, Ryan and Yaz are transported to a spaceship piloted by Jack Harkness.

Lee surrenders and is killed by Gat, the Judoon's employer. When the Doctor and Ruth are surrounded by Judoon, Ruth subdues them with sudden inexplicable power.

A text from Lee triggers Ruth's memories, which leads them to a lighthouse. Unable to teleport the Doctor, Harkness gives the companions a message from the future and is forced to teleport away, returning them to Gloucester.

Ruth finds an alarm box outside, breaks it, and is engulfed in energy; the Doctor discovers a buried TARDIS, which Ruth claims is hers, introducing herself as the Doctor.

Ruth once worked for Gat and hid her identity with a chameleon arch. Gat, under orders to bring Ruth back to Gallifrey, is shown a vision of destroyed Gallifrey by the Doctor; Gat shoots at Ruth but the gun backfires.

Ruth returns the Doctor to Gloucester, without any explanation for the mystery of the two Doctors. Pete McTighe and Chris Chibnall.

The Doctor and her companions investigate a bacterium that covers human bodies in a crystalline substance before disintegrating them. Aided by ex-police officer Jake, blogger Gabriela, and medical researcher Suki, they find Jake's husband Adam in the early stages and take him to Suki's lab to evaluate while Yaz and Gabriela explore the site where they found Jake, eventually finding a teleport to an alien location.

The Doctor determines the bacterium is drawn to microplastics. Suki reveals she is from an alien race devastated by the bacterium they called Praxeus, and had come to Earth to evaluate it further for a cure.

While the Doctor finds a cure for humans, using a willing Adam to test it, it cannot stop Praxeus from affecting Suki and soon disintegrates her.

Travelling to Yaz' location, they find they are under the Indian Ocean garbage patch , where Suki's ship is located. They load the ship's reserves with the antidote and set the ship to self-destruct in the atmosphere to disperse it, but Jake willingly pilots the vessel when the auto-pilot fails.

Charlene James and Chris Chibnall. The Doctor returns her companions home, where they simultaneously begin to experience supernatural events.

Graham sees visions of an imprisoned girl telling him to find her, Ryan sees a mysterious figure cause his friend to vanish, and Yaz sees an unfamiliar woman among memories of her past.

Following their strange experiences, the companions contact the Doctor, who uses Graham's visions to track the source of the nightmares.

They are led to a ship in the future piloted by Zellin, who claims to be immortal and omnipotent. The Doctor tricks Zellin and Rakaya back into their imprisonment.

Yaz repays an old debt to a police officer she met three years earlier. However, they found the villa seemingly haunted, and Mary's future husband Percy has gone missing.

A spectral figure appears and reveals itself as a Cyberman named Ashad that is seeking the missing Cyberium, the collected knowledge of the Cybermen.

The Doctor discovers Percy, finding he had found the Cyberium earlier and had gone crazy from it, with the Cyberium creating the "haunts" to prevent discovery.

Despite knowing of Jack's previous warning of the lone Cyberman, the Doctor extracts the Cyberium from Percy and under threat gives it to Ashad, who returns to the future.

The Doctor and her companions pursue, while Mary was inspired by Ashad, "this modern Prometheus", to write a story. The Doctor and companions arrive at the last outpost of humanity in the far future, in time to protect them from an attacking wave of Cybermen drones, though some humans are killed.

The Doctor has Graham and Yaz take the others in their ship to travel to safety while she, Ryan and Ethan, one of the survivors, travel to Ko Sharmus, known as humanity's last hope.

They discover Ko Sharmus is a person acting as a ferryman for other humans to escape through a portal to the other side of the universe for safety.

Aboard the humans' ship, they pass through a battlefield with debris of dead Cyberman and board a seemingly-abandoned Cyber carrier.

However, too late they discover that Ashad and a group of Cyberwarriors have arrived, and have since seized the control deck and directed the ship towards the Doctor, and are waking the other Cybermen in stasis.

Yaz contacts the Doctor about their impending arrival, just as Ko Sharmus opens the portal. The portal is revealed to be the new location of the ruins of Gallifrey, much to the Doctor's surprise.

The Master jumps through and tells the Doctor that she should be afraid because everything is about to change forever.

The Master teleports the Doctor to Gallifrey, where he imprisons her in the Matrix. While in the Matrix, the Master reveals that the Doctor was an orphaned female Child from another dimension founded and experimented on by a Shobogan woman named Tecteun.

After many years, Tecteun eventually discovers how the Child can regenerate thus leading to the creation of the Time Lords. Meanwhile, the Master contacts Ashad to lead the Cybermen to Gallifrey but realises that he cannot have the Cyberium if Ashad is alive prompting him to shrink Ashad and absorb the Cyberium.

He then uses the Cyberium to convert the dead Time Lords into Cybermen. Yaz and Graham safely reunite with Ryan and the others then follow the Cybermen to Gallifrey.

Ruth helps the Doctor escape the Matrix by transmitting her old and new memories. Back in the chamber, the Doctor plans to detonate the death particles from Ashad's remains to stop the Master, but Ko Sharmus arrives and takes her place, detonating the particles, presumably killing the Master and the cyberconverted Time Lords.

Suddenly, the Judoon appear to arrest the Doctor and take her to a distant prison elsewhere in space.

Lee Haven Jones [6]. Chris Chibnall [7].

For this episode, Richard Read article replaced William Hartnell. Rotten Tomatoes. The Tenth Planet Each actor's portrayal is unique, but all represent stages in the life of the same character, and together, they form a single lifetime with a single narrative. Archived from the original on apologise, Oskar Werner idea December The Curse of Grapa For all. In the present, Ryan discovers how to safely land the plane after finding a recording of the Doctor, but Barton brands the companions as Pub Musician 1 episode,

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