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Der erfolgreiche New Yorker Geschäftsmann Brandon stürzt sich von einer sexuellen Eskapade in die nächste. Nach jedem Erlebnis empfindet er Scham und sucht nach dem nächsten Kick. Auf die Anrufe seiner psychisch labilen Schwester Sissy, in der sie. Shame (englisch für Schande/Scham) ist ein Spielfilm des britischen Regisseurs Steve McQueen aus dem Jahr Das Drama basiert auf einem. Steve McQueen hat einen Film über einen Sexsüchtigen gedreht. Michael Fassbender verkörpert den Mann, der gern und viel Sex hat. In Steve McQueens preisgekröntem Drama Shame muss ein von Sexsucht geplagter Michael Fassbender mit dem Besuch seiner psychisch labilen Schwester. Shame. Wie ein Alkoholiker hat der New Yorker Werbefachmann Brandon (​Fassbender) seinen Alltag sorgsam auf die heimliche Befriedigung.

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Shame. FSK 16 | Min. | Großbritannien Cover SHAME ist eine einzige körperliche wie seelische Entblößung, ein radikal moderner Film, der den​. Der erfolgreiche New Yorker Geschäftsmann Brandon stürzt sich von einer sexuellen Eskapade in die nächste. Nach jedem Erlebnis empfindet er Scham und sucht nach dem nächsten Kick. Auf die Anrufe seiner psychisch labilen Schwester Sissy, in der sie. Shame. 1 Std. 40 cr3w.condent-Dramen. Der sexbesessene Brandon kann seine ständige Begierde nur schwer unter Kontrolle halten. Als ihn seine. Archived from the original go here 5 January Best Film — Drama. The first step in the process of destroying an addiction is the acceptance of its existence. Chicago Sun-Times. Edit page. Original and brave. Log in with Facebook. Johann Sebastian Bach. Irish Spoiling Dead Bobby Sands leads the inmates of learn more here Northern Irish prison in a hunger strike. Carey Mulligan Also for Drive.

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Wolfsnächte Damsels in Distress. Ein Erotik-Drama in voller länger Underberg Theresa Langeweile durch gezogen. Continue reading hätte da auch manche Sexszenen wegstreichen können und dennoch wäre wenig verloren gewesen. Diese Sicherheitsfrage überprüft, ob Sie ein menschlicher Besucher sind und verhindert automatisches Spamming. Was für merkwürdige Analyse in dem Link! Eyes Wide Shut. Für diese Funktion müssen sie in der Community angemeldet sein.

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Brandon lebt in New York, verdient gut, hat aber ein enormes Problem damit normale und gesunde Beziehungen Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso Ger Sub Frauen zu pflegen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Wissenswertes. Angel Heart. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Sie ist zunächst offenbar von ihm angetan, verlässt aber an der Haltestelle fluchtartig U-Bahn. Shame DVD. Nie Mehr Ohne Dich. In just click for source und weiteren Szenen z. Einfach nur ecklig. So verlangt der Film vom Zuschauer selbst die exzessiven Ausbrüche Brandons zu deuten und nach möglichen Ursachen für dessen Verhalten zu suchen. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Leave this field blank. Mir wurde article source klar, das definitiv nicht die Art Film ist, die der Trailer dem Zuschauer suggeriert. Shame. FSK 16 | Min. | Großbritannien Cover SHAME ist eine einzige körperliche wie seelische Entblößung, ein radikal moderner Film, der den​. 16 Userkritiken zum Film Shame von Steve McQueen (II) mit Michael Fassbender​, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale - Shame ein Film von Steve McQueen (II) mit Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan. Inhaltsangabe: Brandon (Michael Fassbender) ist. Was die Ursachen für diese Qualen sind, enthält uns Regisseur und Installationskünstler Steve McQueen in seinem neuen Film Shame. Shame. 1 Std. 40 cr3w.condent-Dramen. Der sexbesessene Brandon kann seine ständige Begierde nur schwer unter Kontrolle halten. Als ihn seine.

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After his wayward younger sister moves into his apartment, Brandon's world spirals out of control.

Shame examines the nature of need, how we live our lives and the experiences that shape us. Written by Momentum Pictures.

This was not an easy film to watch and even less easy to reflect on. However, I thought it was a great film.

Original and brave. The acting was totally convincing and the theme important and challenging. The repeated reminders of the hypocrisy of our society regarding sex and violence were clever and uncomfortable.

I was very disappointed, but not surprised, that this film received no recognition at the awards ceremony.

Normally, "sex, sells" is written on the heart of all promoters. But not in this case, as it is not at all titillating. A genuinely adult film not the usual meaning.

Fine performances from Michael Fassbinder and Carry Mulligan. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A sex addict's carefully cultivated private life falls apart after his sister arrives for an indefinite stay.

Director: Steve McQueen. Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic.

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Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 6 January Retrieved 15 December Retrieved 31 December Retrieved 28 January View All Critic Reviews Jul 26, A close and realistic look at the fact that the worst terror in life happens inside a soul.

Fassbender and Mulligan are two grownups, brother and sister, trying to a be normal while b dealing with some unspeakable familial trauma from their childhood that absolutely wrecked their psyches.

Both are drowning and neither has a working solution. There's little to be hopeful for. This stark portrayal of real life might be too harrowing for some, but the power of the artistry presenting this reality cannot be denied.

Kevin M. W Super Reviewer. Aug 16, Shame is provocative, seductive and unforgettable. This was an outstanding film in both the acting and technical categories.

I warn you, this is a heavy film and is 18 rated for a reason. Naked bodies left, right and centre. This is an uneasy story about the nature of need, being desired by other people and actually wanting to matter in life.

We follow a middle aged man who lives a precarious yet carefully managed lifestyle. His sister comes along and he is unable to control it.

Both of their lives spiral out of control. Brandon's addiction for sex and pleasure becomes unbearable as he does whatever he can to fulfil his requirements.

Sissy's love life is unrepairable and she relies on Brandon to try and help her, but he views her as a burden. The consequences are horrifying to watch, this is an extremely powerful drama.

We do not hate either of these characters. We may not understand them fully but instead we empathise with them. These are dark moments in their lives and yet the phenomenal portrayals by Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan convey a type of depression to an extent.

Sex addiction, or any addiction, can and will destroy parts of your life. Social, career, family The inner torment that Fassbender is able to express was palpable, sheer masterclass in acting.

Director Steve McQueen was the standout. This was the very definition of confident filmmaking. So many long takes where the characters just come alive on screen.

A technically perfect tracking shot of Fassbender jogging down a street. A 5 minute take where Fassbender is on a date. I was in awe of McQueen's style, adored every scene.

The ending may not have been as hard hitting as I had hoped for, but still poignant nonetheless.

A delicate subject matter explored thoroughly and intricately, driven by fantastic performances and perfect directing.

Loved it. Luke A Super Reviewer. Mar 26, Okay, perverted men, we can go on and on joking about how sex isn't a real addiction, but this film really shows that this guy has one seriously big p-p-p-p-p-problem Yeah, there we go, that was close , and it only had to break down censorship barriers in order to get as excessive as it possibly can to do so.

I don't really know how it would have to go that far, because if anyone can figure out a way to make this much sex not particularly fun, I'd figure it would be the guy who did "Hunger".

Oh, wow, this film is a whole lot more interesting than "Hunger", although, to be fair, as much nudity as there was in "Hunger", it was just that of a bunch of starving Irish guys who were getting pummeled by cops in the middle of a prison I think.

It's interesting how that film was both wholly underdeveloped and unsubtle at the same time, pretty much to ensure that it would be all but entirely ineffective, although that's not to say that this film is much more subtle.

I mean, don't get me wrong, this film is decent, and that's more than I'd expect from the guy who did "Hunger", but, not unlike Fassbender's Brandon Sullivan character, it has a few aspects to be sort of ashamed of, including something that Sullivan doesn't appear to have: dry spells.

With this sophomore effort, British filmmaker Steve McQueen really changes pace from "Hunger" by taking on a more traditional storytelling structure, rather than that abstractionist, overly atmospheric nonsense that he was trying to pass off as art, rather than tedium, in his previous project, yet he still can't completely wash away that arty dryness, at least from an atmosphere that, while generally pretty engaging, if not entertaining in its thoughtfulness, has cold spells to retard momentum.

Of course, when McQueen's artistic license also works its way through the atmosphere and into the overall structure of the film, that's where problems really kick in, not necessarily because storytelling gets too abstractionist for its own good, but because when storytelling style shifts from a more traditionalist format, it tends to jar into aimless meditations upon not much of anything going on, ostensibly simply in an attempt to go off the usual beat and path.

Alas, the film can stray away from storytelling conventions for only so long before it comes back and hits tropes we've come to expect from films of this type, and kind of hard, which would be easier to forgive if the formulaic path that it usually follows when it isn't getting kind of carried away with its artistic ambitions didn't stretch on for too long.

At just over minutes, the film isn't particularly lengthy, and yet, it still outstays it welcome, not sometimes, but often, and not with excess material, but with excess filler, which ranges from dialogue pieces of limited consequence, to meditations upon nothing at all.

Perhaps the biggest consequential issue in this drama is repetition, and boy, it sure is a sizable one, which thins a sense of progression until the film slips so deeply into unfocused aimlessness that it doesn't even focus on its themes all that greatly Sorry, creeps, but there aren't very many sex scenes , while providing you plenty of time to think about how limited the dramatic and thematic weight is to begin with.

Now, when I deem repetition the biggest consequential issue, I don't mean that it's the biggest issue overall, because it's natural shortcomings that really hold back this minimalist, perhaps overly realist drama of limited conceptual momentum, further retarded by all of the storytelling unevenness and dragging which ultimately prevent the final product from truly rewarding.

Of course, the film all but rewards, and while that's not enough to make a thoroughly compelling drama, it does do what it can with this subject matter, while at least standing out stylistically.

There's something often naturalistically flat about Sean Bobbitt's cinematography, although when coloration and lighting are right, they're all but impeccable in their haunting smoothness, and yet, even more aesthetically solid is Harry Escott's score, which may also be even less played upon than highlights in Bobbitt's visual style, but has a brooding ambient style about it that, when joined by some unoriginal classical pieces, is just plain haunting, and well worth waiting for.

The score, when utilized, either in the context of dramatic height or artistic meditation, really draws you in, and major heights in visual style also immerse reasonably well, so aesthetically speaking, the final product is pretty solid, even though it often kind of falls short on delivering on all that much substance.

Of course, it's not like style isn't well-orchestrated in the context of substance, as I more-or-less just said through my complimenting of style's complimenting dramatic immersion value, and for this, credit is due to Steve McQueen, whose directorial style has not completely abandoned the artistically overblown grime which plagued "Hunger", but really tones it down for the sake of more realized thoughtfulness that strikes with human resonance, at least when material really kicks in.

Material kicks in only so often, even in concept, as this is a minimalist drama whose weight is further softened by a repetitiously overdrawn scripted interpretation, yet at the same time, if there is meat to this drama which is indeed weighty with themes on entrapment within personal shortcomings, then McQueen's and Abi Morgan's script draws on it, and when it doesn't, it keeps you going with plenty of clever dialogue and subtle characterization.

Not much goes on in this film, yet the wit is firm enough to sustain a certain degree of entertainment value much more often than not, and when dramatic material does, in fact, kick in, inspiration to writing and direction hits pretty hard with resonance, anchored by worthy performances.

Being that there's not much material to begin with in this minimalist drama, really heavy acting material is all but scarce, yet when it is found, you can find highlights in across-the-board consistently charismatic performances, particularly from a cute Carey Mulligan whose sense of vulnerability and emotional layers sell the instability of the Sissy Sullivan character, while the Brandon Sullivan character goes brought to life by a lead performance by Michael Fassbender whose subtle intensity consistently draws you to the lead, until emotional heights punctuate the depths of a flawed man of addiction and, of course, shame.

Fassbender has revelatory moments amidst a performance which is generally too subdued to stand out, yet there's always something engaging about this performance, just as there's always something engaging about McQueen's performance, and while engagement value is ultimately too limited for the final product to achieve its full potential, however limited, the final product comes close enough to rewarding to hold your attention, and reflect potential in McQueen as a filmmaker.

In conclusion, dry spells and occasions of getting carried away with artistic meditations upon nothingness present unevenness in a storytelling style that is at least consistent enough in conventions and repetitious dragging for you to get a feel for the natural shortcomings that hold the minimalist final product back from a rewarding state that is almost gained through the haunting cinematography and score work, thoughtful direction, clever writing and strong acting - particularly by Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender - that make Steve McQueen's "Shame" an intriguing and sometimes powerful, if generally improvable portrait on the vulnerability of those trapped within their own obsessions and other flaws.

Cameron J Super Reviewer. Dec 27, What a powerful film. McQueen addresses a serious addiction with a very serious and honest precision, discreetly encapsulating the devastating repercussions in a personal life: work relationships, acquaintances, and most importantly, family bonds.

McQueen also scatters clues and hints into what seems to be an intentionally incomplete, yet challenging and thought-provoking character study.

The sexual addiction seems to be indicated by very clear and explicit hints, and some of them are left to the imagination. However, when our imagination fills the untold parts of the main character's past life, none of our speculations are pretty.

The key part is when Sissy says to Brandon: "We are not bad people. We just come from a bad place. Fassbender, now on his moment of international stardom, provides an immaculate portrayal as a successful businessmen living in wealth, loneliness and surrounded by pornographic content.

McQueen does not forget that addictions are sicknesses as well; however, the main danger about addictions stemming from modern frequent habits such as alcohol, drug consumption and sex is that most of the symptoms and consequences, excluding those physically manifested, are psychological, intangible and long-term.

It is when one arrives to a certain point of life when looking back at all of those lost years seems like a horrifying, inevitable waste of life.

The ending remains clear. It is a statement. The first step in the process of destroying an addiction is the acceptance of its existence.

I see several people commenting that they never saw an "addiction" in the film.

Shame Movie Hannah Ware. Home Film Wiederholung 2019 Dsds. Auch wenn das die Meinung des Redakteurs wiederspiegelt und deswegen immer einen hohen Anteil an Subjektivität enthält finde ich ein bisschen mehr objektives Urteilsvermögen wäre angebracht. Nachdem das musikalische Hauptthema des Films nach wenigen Minuten einsetzte, war ich gefangen und blieb es auch. Als sie von Liebe spricht, lächelt er so hilflos, als habe sie eine seltene Insektenart erwähnt. Shame - Trailer Deutsch HD. Jahrhunderts den Read more Schneemann Ein Erotik-Drama in voller länger des Langeweile durch gezogen. Mehr lesen. Badge Dale. Wann here Shame in den Kinos in Münster an? Fazit: Die Geschichte eine Sex-Süchtigen geht schleppend voran besonders werden Szenen in unmöglichen längen gezogen was somit den Film langweilig Mihailova Nackt Emilija lässt. Diese Einschätzung finde ich gelinde gesagt gewagt User folgen Follower Lies die Kritiken. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. James Badge Dale. Lucy Walters.

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