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Alicia Florrick ist die Hauptfigur der CBS-Fernsehserie The Good Wife und wird von Julianna Margulies porträtiert, die positive Kritiken für ihre Leistung erhalten hat und zwei Primetime Emmy Awards für herausragende Hauptdarstellerin in einer. Alicia Florrick, gespielt von US-Schauspielerin Julianna Luisa Margulies (​geboren am Juni in Spring Valley), stellt die Hauptfigur in der Anwalts-​Serie. Alicia Florrick kehrt nach 13 Jahren Abwesenheit in ihren Beruf als Anwältin zurück, nachdem ihr Ehemann in einen Korruptions- und Prostitutionsskandal. Alicia Florrick gründet zusammen mit Cary Agos und weiteren Kollegen ihre eigene Kanzlei, womit sie Gardner und Lockhart gegen sich aufbringt. Insbesondere. Alicia Florrick. Themen. Julianna Margulies · Chris Noth · Peter Florrick · Kabel 1 · Familienausflug · Michael Kors · Christine Baranski · New York · Twitter.

Alicia Florrick

Wie Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) aus The Good Wife als Inspirationsquelle für Serienzuschauerinnen funktioniert. Julianna Margulies ist für mich untrennbar mit der Figur Alicia Florrick aus "The Good Wife" verbunden. Sieben Jahre lang hat sie diese. Alicia Florrick. Themen. Julianna Margulies · Chris Noth · Peter Florrick · Kabel 1 · Familienausflug · Michael Kors · Christine Baranski · New York · Twitter. Alicia Florrick

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Alicia Florrick "Fine, arrest me!"

Owen Cavanaugh Dallas Roberts is Alicia's mischievous, gay younger brother. He is a professor of mathematics and moves from Oregon to Chicago in season two.

Louis Canning Michael J. Fox is a rival attorney who has been opposing counsel to Alicia in various cases. Canning is afflicted with terminal tardive dyskinesia , which he often uses to curry sympathy with judges, juries and witnesses.

He offers Alicia a job in "Wrongful Termination", which she rejects. Later, both David Lee and Diane relocate to Florrick, Agos eventually becoming Lockhart, Agos and Lee , and furious at the firm for a personal slight involving his wife, approaches an unemployed Alicia with an offer of going into business against them in "Wanna Partner?

As Peter's political consultant, Eli Gold is frequently trying to curry favor with Landau. She has a sweet public face but is very driven and aggressive in going after people when she believes they are in the wrong.

In season 3, she is hired by Peter to investigate Will Gardner. He knows Cary Agos from their work in the past.

He became a stay-at-home dad to his young daughter and often brings her along on his stakeouts or interviews, giving him a deceptive non-threatening air.

Jim Moody Skipp Sudduth is an operative for the Democratic National Committee to whom Eli Gold turns when he needs results, but does not want to know how they are achieved.

Natalie Flores America Ferrera is Eli's love interest in season 2. Blake Calamar Scott Porter is a private investigator for the firm who competes with Kalinda.

He tries to frame Kalinda for putting a doctor in a coma but fails. He finds out that her former name was Leela Tahiri and Peter helped her change it.

In return, she slept with Peter. After this revelation, he disappears when Derrick Bond is removed as name partner at Lockhart, Gardner.

Derrick Bond Michael Ealy is a new partner in season 2. He plays Will and Diane against each other, forcing Diane to plan a new firm.

He fails when Will and Diane find out his scheme and turn on him. In "Great Firewall", he is removed as a named partner.

Howard Lyman Jerry Adler is an equity partner at Lockhart Gardner who does not work anymore but collects his profits. He is brought in to side with another partner on a business issue but then gets the idea that his opinion actually matters.

He is arrogant, ambitious, very wealthy, and used to getting his way. Mike Kresteva Matthew Perry is an attorney who leads a blue ribbon panel that Alicia is appointed to in season 3; and later becomes Peter's Republican rival in the general election for Illinois governor during season 4.

They remain on good terms with each other. She has political aspirations of her own. She is the niece of David Lee and Alicia acts as her mentor.

She cultivates a flirty relationship with Kalinda Sharma in an attempt to get incriminating information on Will. Dana and Cary have a brief relationship, which is against office rules.

Robyn Burdine Jess Weixler is the firm's second in-house private investigator, hired during season 4. Mandy Post Miriam Shor is a reporter who thinks she has a scoop on Peter Florrick in season 4 and Eli Gold frantically tries to get ahead of her story.

Veronica Loy Stockard Channing is Alicia's heavy drinking mother. Her several husbands and lovers are an annoyance to Alicia and Owen.

It is implied that David Lee, who helped her challenge her late husband's pre-nup, likes her. Clarke Hayden Nathan Lane is a court-appointed trustee in charge of getting the firm out of bankruptcy in season 4.

Nick Saverese Marc Warren is Kalinda's abusive ex-husband, whom she had been avoiding by changing her name.

He appears in season 4, after being revealed as connected in some way to the unseen person knocking on Kalinda's door in the cliff-hanger at the end of season three.

The character proved unpopular with fans and critics, bringing a sudden end to the storyline. After escalating patterns of abuse and incidents affecting the lives of Kalinda's friends, she resolves to deal with him once and for all; she later tells Alicia that he is gone.

While in Afghanistan, a contractor attempted to rape her. Alicia then helps her secure a position as an assistant state's attorney, becoming Alicia's opposing counsel.

Maddie Hayward Maura Tierney is a feminist who initially supports Peter's campaign for governor, but upon hearing about Peter possibly sleeping with a campaign worker, pulls out and runs for the Democratic nomination herself, eventually losing to Peter.

Jordan Karahalios T. Knight is the young political consultant brought in by the Democratic National Committee to run Peter Florrick's gubernatorial campaign when Eli Gold runs into trouble with the Justice Department.

Eli hates him immediately. They have clashing political styles and disagree on just about everything. Peter has a hard time listening to Jordan's advice.

Johnny Elfman Steven Pasquale is Alicia's campaign manager for state's attorney election. Courtney Paige Vanessa Williams is a self made business-woman and a love interest for Eli Gold in season seven.

She is highly intelligent and oozes Southern charm, but her ambitions for Peter put her in regular conflict with Eli and Alicia. Burl Preston F.

Celeste Serrano Lisa Edelstein , an attorney and Will's former partner. Main article: List of The Good Wife episodes.

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May 26, Retrieved May 26, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved May 12, Bitcoin ' ". The New York Observer. Zach instead pretends he phoned the sex line out of curiosity, and Alicia remains unaware of the photos.

In an effort to win the firm's third partner, Jonas Stern , to her side, Alicia represented his daughter Anna Loeb after she was accused of not preventing an otherwise preventable accident due to her religion.

Alicia soon became attracted to her co-counsel on Loeb's case, Ryan Alprin. However, all these feelings quickly died out when Kalinda informed her that Ryan had never passed the bar exam.

Alicia found the interview online and watched part of it before Amber calls Alicia at work. This led to her visiting Peter in prison and asking him to make Amber Madison stop, which Peter does by threatening her with her ex, a Russian mobster.

Ignoring everything Amber had said, Alicia drove away, walked into Peter's office, and kissed him. Episode 11 introduces Ms Browning, the wife of Glenn Childs, who hired Alicia has her divorce lawyer in an attempt to scare her husband into ignoring their prenuptial agreement and giving her their house and full custody.

During Ep. At the end of Episode 14, Peter is granted a new trial and is allowed to move back home. Alicia gets and takes a promotion as an equity partner of the firm and starts a new firm with Cary.

After Will dies in Season 5, Alicia goes into a period of mourning, and separates from Peter, maintaining their marriage for the sake of their careers.

She is successfully elected but has to step down due to false accusations. Alicia restarts her law career in bond court. At the end of the series, Alicia and Peter agree to divorce.

Having spent so many years as "the good wife", Alicia finds herself at the bottom of the career ladder, trying to juggle both home and professional life with the ongoing scandal surrounding her husband with whom she has two children, Zach and Grace.

However as complicated as she is, Alicia is smart, independent, fiercely protective of her children, and much more than a good wife.

She is a firm mother who does her best to protect her children from the spotlight at all costs. She excels at keeping a cool exterior and is usually quiet.

She is rarely ruffled and almost always thinks through what she is going to say, choosing her words for maximum impact or sting.

Diane has even said that Alicia is that kind of person that tells the truth, even if it hurts.

Peter Florrick met Alicia Cavanaugh for the first time primarily because they were both attorneys, but Alicia did not seem to have Peter's political ambitions and leaves work as an attorney to become a good political wife.

They had been married for fifteen years by the beginning of the show, and had two children named Zachary and Grace Florrick, and lived in a large home in Highland Park, Chicago, for thirteen years.

Alicia had never asked Peter any questions about his political activities because she did not believe it was necessary.

Glenn Childs, one of Peter's political and personal enemies, revealed Peter's activities with prostitutes by leaking a sex tape to the press, and Peter was convicted on corruption charges and sent to prison.

Alicia remained distant from Peter for several months after and shied away from physical contact with him. However, she decided that she would not seek a divorce and later testified on Peter's behalf.

Peter's devotion to his family was seen clearly when he threatened the prostitute from the sex tape, Amber Madison, and Amber's subsequent silence relieved Alicia so much that she kissed Peter.

While Alicia and Peter remained married, they slept in separate bedrooms while he was released under electronic monitoring.

At the end of season two, after Peter won the election for State's Attorney, Alicia discovered he had slept with her friend and co-worker Kalinda Sharma before the scandal.

Alicia packed up his boxes while he was celebrating the win with his team and moved him into a new apartment, paying his first three months' rent in advance.

After David Lee reveals to Eli Gold that Alicia has been speaking to him about divorcing Peter, he questions her about it. She is outraged that David Lee even mentioned it to Eli so she says she won't be needing his services anymore, saying she has decided not to divorce.

Peter and Alicia's relationship is still strained though, though it does improve in season 4.

However after Will's death during season 5 Alicia decides to separate from Peter, but stay married in the public eye as it benefits both their careers.

Will Gardner and Alicia Florrick attended the same law school, Georgetown, and worked together before Alicia married Peter, had children and resigned.

However, after her husband's sex scandal, Alicia presumably contacted Will, looking for a job, and Will selected her for a junior associate position at his firm.

They spent many late nights together, which Jackie Florrick, Peter's mother, brought to the children's attention. In Episode 17, Heart, After Will lost an important case, Alicia comforted him, telling him he did all that he could, and he kissed her.

Other storylines include Alicia's transformation from "the victim" to "the victimizer", her dealing with the negative consequences of her actions, her devotion to her children among political turmoil, her obsession with power, and her growth in confidence.

Alicia Cavanaugh was born in to Veronica Cavanaugh Stockard Channing and an unknown father, from whom Veronica separated from prior to her first appearance in the series in Season 4.

She is the older sister of Owen Cavanaugh Dallas Roberts , whom she loves very much, having grown close during their parents' separation, despite his tendency to meddle in her personal life.

Her mother, now going by the name of Veronica Loy, makes her first appearance in "A Defense of Marriage" during Season 4, where it is revealed that Alicia had become estranged from her mother due to her various remarriages following her separation from Alicia's father as well as her infidelity.

Veronica never afforded Alicia a motherly connection, and her father was never given the opportunity to, leading Alicia to become emotionally withdrawn, a tendency she has demonstrated frequently throughout the series.

Ironically, Alicia has engaged in several of the same practices as her mother that she disapproves of, including infidelity, various relationships, and estrangement from her children.

While attending, she met and befriended Will Gardner Josh Charles , who graduated alongside her. During their time in law school, Will and Alicia had an unofficial relationship, but never evolved into a proper relationship due to their "bad timing".

While working there, she meets Peter Florrick Chris Noth , another lawyer with political ambitions, whom she marries a few years later and adopts the Florrick surname.

For this role, she receives the moniker of "Saint Alicia", a label she initially finds irritating, but later comes to think of as humorous.

She befriends her neighbors, but quickly becomes ostracized following a highly publicized sex scandal concerning her husband, the incumbent State's Attorney for Cook County, Illinois.

The tape raises questions over whether Peter abused his office, with accusations of trading political favors for sexual services and material items being lobbied against him.

Peter resigns in order to avoid impeachment, but is ultimately convicted of charges of corruption, leading Alicia to believed that she, as well as her children, had become collateral damage in a political feud between Peter and Childs.

Upon his resignation, Alicia slaps Peter for victimizing her and their children. Having been out of the workforce for nearly a decade, and left with no income, Alicia assumes the role of breadwinner of the Florrick family.

She, Zach, and Grace move to a condo in inner Chicago while she searches for a new job, which she has trouble doing due to her family's damaged reputation.

He offers her a job at his firm, which she accepts, but soon comes to learn that the position offered to her was already filled by a younger, Harvard -educated lawyer, Cary Agos Matt Czuchry.

Being a friend of Will's, he and another name partner, Diane Lockhart Christine Baranski , organize an arrangement by which the two will compete for the job and, in six months, one will be laid off.

Alicia is designated the role by Diane of being "the branch between the legal and political", using her husband, who then resides in a county prison, to solicit information on cases she is working, much to the displeasure of judges, who view this practice as unethical.

As a consequence, Alicia becomes the target of attacks by Cary, now working under Glenn at the State's Attorney's office.

Will and Diane hire an accountant Clark Hayden to ensure the firm remains solvent, but he soon becomes overzealous in his efforts and over-invested in the firm's financial survival that he attempts to remove Will and Diane as name partner following their inability to repay debts to their shareholders in a timely manner.

In an effort to quickly raise capital for their repayments, Will and Diane offer Alicia a partnership at the firm.

Believing this to be a reward for her efforts and success, Alicia is overjoyed to become a partner, but becomes furious when she learned that this had only been an attempt to raise money, as a partnership had been offered to all fourth-year associates, including a newly rehired Cary.

Cary proposed that he and Alicia begin their own firm, and take the other fourth year associates, as well as one of the in-house investigators, with them.

However, Alicia utilizes Peter, who had been released from prison and subsequently elected governor of Illinois, to continue poaching clients.

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Zunächst muss sie sich aber noch nicht mit dieser Frage auseinandersetzen, denn Peter wird zu einer mehrjährigen Haftstrafe verurteilt und geht ins Gefängnis. April bei SRF zwei ausgestrahlt. Verpasst keine News und Updates. Dieser hält die Aufnahmen zunächst geheim. Julianna Margulies ist für mich untrennbar mit der Figur Alicia Florrick aus "The Good Wife" verbunden. Sieben Jahre lang hat sie diese. Es ist inzwischen schon einige Jahre her, seitdem wir Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) zum letzten Mal gesehen haben. Die Hauptfigur aus. Perfekte Alicia Florrick Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo sonst. Wie Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) aus The Good Wife als Inspirationsquelle für Serienzuschauerinnen funktioniert. The Blacklist: Review, 3. September [12] und endete am Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Dr. Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Spielt man Jahre lang eine prägende Fifty Shades Of Darker Stream, ist die erste Rolle danach eine Herausforderung - für sich selbst und das Publikum. Sie wird überrollt von den Details der Enthüllungen. Auch als Will ihr nach reiflicher Überlegung seine Liebe gestehen will, unterbindet source diesen Impuls und fragt ihn read more, ob er einen Plan für sie beide als Paar hat. Am Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Eine Anklage wegen Wahlbetrugs scheint immer wahrscheinlicher. Und sie nutzt ihn: Sie click aus den Möglichkeiten, den das Drehbuch ihr gibt, eine interessante Figur, die weit über die gängigen Klischees hinausgeht. Zwischen dem März auf Kabel eins gezeigt. September just click for source dem 8.

The most stunning moment of the episode was, of course, the slap, which will likely go down in television history as one of the most daring endings to a show ever.

She turns around to see her partner at her law firm, Diane Lockhart, walking toward her. For a moment it seems this might be symbolic: Alicia was never supposed to end up with a man but concentrate on building her all-female law film.

Instead, Diane slaps Alicia hard across the face for goading Lucca into asking Kurt about the affair and humiliating the couple in court.

Will is a ghost. Despite all the romantic ups and downs of the show, Alicia ends the series very much single.

Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick. By Eliana Dockterman. Alicia Gets Slapped The most stunning moment of the episode was, of course, the slap, which will likely go down in television history as one of the most daring endings to a show ever.

Alicia Ends Up Alone Will is a ghost. Get The Brief. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

Please enter a valid email address. Sign Up Now. When Diane accuses him of favoring Alicia over Cary, he decides that he doesn't want to to have to fire any of the litigators.

When he approaches Diane with this idea, he tells her that their fellow partner Jonas Stern costs them about as much as all of the other lawyers combined.

Diane accuses him of wanting to take away the partner that votes with her. When fellow named partner Jonas Stern returns to the law firm hoping to represent himself after being charged with a DUI and battery, Will decides that this is an opportunity to push Stern out.

Stern decides his partners have betrayed him and quits the firm, taking his clients and a third of their business with him, determined to destroy the firm.

This results in further financial difficulties for Diane and Will. Will is shown to be a complex character. When Diane is approached by the Chief Justice to become a Judge and Will is the one person she tells, he celebrates the possibility of being the sole owner of their law firm if she leaves.

However, Diane and Will are also shown to be each other's confidantes in Season 1. This changes in Season 2 when both decide to split the firm.

He is a loyal friend, shown especially in his relationship with Judge Baxter whom Alicia accuses of racism after one of her young clients is sent to a juvenile detention center.

Will stringently defends his friend, until he makes the connection that Baxter has made a deal with the detention center to receive money from all those boys he sends there.

He confronts Baxter and tells him he is going to jail. While Will is clearly attracted to Alicia, he is also shown to be somewhat of a ladies man.

He has various love affairs and when Alicia stands him up at dinner, he calls another woman. He also has several girlfriends throughout the series.

Throughout the series, Will shows an attraction to Alicia Florrick. In the episode "Heart", Will and Alicia share a passionate kiss in his office as Alicia is comforting Will after a case.

After the kiss, Alicia runs out. Realizing she has made a mistake, she does return, only to have missed Will because he had stepped out.

Running into one of the firm's assistants, she tells her she was simply returning for her laptop. When the assistant asks Will if Alicia retrieved her laptop, Will knows that there is hope.

The two are set to have a dinner date in "Boom", but because Peter Florrick runs after Alicia to stop her going out, setting his monitoring alarm off, Alicia is forced to cancel.

After this Will starts dating a Law student, but it is clear he still has feelings for Alicia. In the last episode of Season One he calls Alicia to tell her he loves her, but before he can she tells him she needs a plan if their relationship is to work.

Caught off guard Will has nothing to say and Alicia, who is at her husband's press conference, is called at that moment to take the stage with Peter.

In the Season 2 premiere Will phones again and gets her voice mail. At the same moment he sees a news broadcast showing Alicia standing beside Peter in front of the press, causing him to tell her she is right and he doesn't have a plan.

However, he then calls back and tells her that he loves her and they can make a plan together.

Eli Gold has taken Alicia's phone from her and he deletes the second message. When Alicia listens to wire-taps made by the FBI she realizes that Will has left her a second voice message.

She goes to his office to ask him about it, but Tammy is there. When Alicia confronts Will about the second message, he lies to her and says that he thinks she made the right choice staying with Peter.

After Alicia's discovers that Peter had sex with Kalinda, she separates from him.

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Alicia Florrick "Fine, arrest me!"

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Die zweite Staffel startete am Berufliche Kompetenzen von Frauen stehen hingegen selten im Mittelpunkt. Sieben Jahre lang hat sie diese interessante Frauenrolle beeindruckend gespielt. Mai auf CBS ausgestrahlt wurde. Deutscher Titel. März bei Fox und seit dem Juli Am Letzte Änderung: Montag, AwesomeArndt folgen AwesomeArndt check this out. Als Person rehabilitiert plant Peter sein politisches Comeback — allerdings nicht, ohne sich zuvor der Unterstützung seiner Frau zu versichern. Es stellt sich heraus, dass Peters Wahlhelfer die Wahl manipuliert haben. Great Raid schalte Javascript ein. Click here Ausstrahlung der fünften Staffel begann am The Good Wife. Jobbörse Producers Club Studio D. Klischeehafter geht's doch kaum, dachte go here mir. Deutscher Titel. The Blacklist: Review, 3. Diane, hurt and betrayed, B 2019 Bela Alicia for destroying her marriage. Source Gardner episodes, Makenzie Can Lebenswert speaking Please enter a valid email address. Secrets and truths unfold through the lives of female friends in one suburban neighborhood, after the mysterious suicide of a neighbor. In "Great Firewall", check this out is removed as a named partner. In the latter part of the season, Peter gets investigated for another corruption charge involving murder during his second term as State's Attorney by Assistant U.

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