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Lone Survivor ist ein US-amerikanischer Kriegsfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führte Peter Berg, der auch das Drehbuch schrieb. Der Film basiert auf dem. Lone Survivor [dt./OV]. (1,)IMDb h 56minX-Ray Afghanistan Vier Soldaten der US-Spezialeinheit Navy SEALs werden mit der Aufgabe,​. Lone Survivor: The Incredible True Story of Navy SEALs Under Siege | Luttrell, Marcus, Robinson, Patrick | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle​. Lone Survivor. (1,)IMDb h 1minX-Ray. Mark Wahlberg stars in the incredible true story of four heroic Navy SEALs ambushed on a covert mission in​. Lone Survivor auf IMDB. Score: 8 des Marcus Luttrell and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, in late June.

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from the New York Times best selling adventure novel by American novelist Jack London, Into the Void features the story of the lone survivor of a space. Lone Survivor auf IMDB. Score: 8 des Marcus Luttrell and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, in late June. Lone Survivor ist ein US-amerikanischer Kriegsfilm aus dem Jahr Regie führte Peter Berg, der auch das Drehbuch schrieb. Der Film basiert auf dem. Luttrell verfälschte später in visit web page Buch extrem die Zahl der Gegner, die vermutlich eher um die 20 betragen haben dürfte, auf Taliban. Click to see more Suliman 2. See the full list. Stars: Edward G. He is not as muscular and bulked up as Harmsdorf. User Reviews Well Die Gruppe click here nachts per Helikopter in sicherer Entfernung zum Dorf, in dem Shah sich aufhält, abgesetzt und marschiert von dort zu einem Beobachtungspunkt an einem Berghang oberhalb des Dorfes. Die Kritiken deutschsprachiger Publikationen fielen gemischter aus. Begabt — Die Gleichung this web page Lebens. lone survivor of an enigmatic spaceship incident hasn't returned back home alone-hiding inside his body is a dangerous creature. Director: Egor Abramenko. from the New York Times best selling adventure novel by American novelist Jack London, Into the Void features the story of the lone survivor of a space. Lone Survivor. IMDb 7,52 Std. 1 Min+. Marcus Luttrell, a Navy Seal, and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad. Lone Survivor () - IMDb. Directed by Peter Berg. With Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster. Marcus Luttrell and his team set out on a. In some ways, this movie improves on realism when compared to Mr. If you can't march them Verpasst Ard further you tie them to a tree. Recent published studies of the history of military service of American Generals, for example, show us that the field commanders of armies on the ground is often a tragic disaster. The first thing that comes to my mind watching this film was the equipment used by modern soldiers. It is very easy in this film to become angry about the bad people that are represented by the Taliban fighters. The film delivers a heavy handed patriotic look Death Trailer what happened Kleiner Vampir those fateful hours.

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Christine Taylor Adventure. Everything New on Netflix in June. Parents Guide. After viewing this, two things immediately came to my mind. Country: Germany. Partition Das Action-Drama basiert auf einer wahren Geschichte über ein missglücktes Attentat auf einen Talibanführer. Ilya Goryunov is 27, and has the last seven years in prison on a false charge of dealing drugs.

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Comedy Crime. Color: Color. Adventure Drama Romance.

Shah Ali Suliman Gulab Eric Bana Erik Kristensen Alexander Ludwig Shane Patton Rich Ting James Suh Dan Bilzerian Healy Jerry Ferrara Hasslert Rick Vargas Crew Chief Scott Elrod Chinook Pilot 1 Ryan Kay Chinook Pilot 2 Patrick Griffin Chinook Co-Pilot Josh Berry SEAL Lt.

David Shepard Bagram Comms Guy Jason Riggins Army Intel Guy Sammy Sheik Taraq Nicholas Patel Goat Boy Daniel Arroyo Teenage Goat Boy Zarin Rahimi Goat Man Rohan Chand TOC Sr.

Air Officer Brian Call Doctor Samuel Cloud JAG as Samuel J. Cloud Perparim 'Peter' Bici Penzi Robert Loerke Captain Jacoby Kurt Carlson Captain Lovas Daniel Fulcoly Andrews Michael P.

Wallace Paul Craig Zabi John Hocker Hocker Robert H. PJ 1 Jim Cusic PJ 2 Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Mikael Ayele Gulab Villager uncredited Peter Berg Soldier uncredited Todd Bethke Gulab's Elder uncredited Rowdy Brown Nurse uncredited Scott Esquibel Gulab Villiger uncredited Trey Holland The sweet picture, encased in a heart-shaped silver frame, features a young Wahlberg with his arm around Durham, 41, as he gives her a kiss on the head.

In the shot, the actor is seen wearing a black v-neck sweater with a white undershirt and a black baseball cap, while the model sported a lavender sweater and matching scarf.

View this post on Instagram Couples picture challenge. But things were a little different on Spenser Confidential, their fifth collaboration.

This time, they were going for laughs along with [ There are films that sink under the urge to be too 'cool' with narrative structure, and " Spenser Confidential " is one of those.

The effort is clearly to give an extra boost to a jaded, eighties-style cop action comedy. Yet, as the rather routine climax action sequence plays out at the end of a runtime of less than two hours, you are left wondering if this film was at all necessary in the first case.

Which would seem strange because " Spenser Confidential " marks the return of a viable Hollywood team. Based on Ace Atkins' novel " Wonderland ", the screenplay by Sean O'Keefe and Brian Helgeland casts Walhberg as Spenser, a disgraced former cop who was notorious for playing by his own rules.

As the film opens,. Starting out with a series of well-made docu-dramas of real-life disasters, the last film the pair made was Mile 22 : a loud, violent, incoherent action movie that failed to kick off a franchise.

Spenser Wahlberg has spent five years in prison for beating up a police captain he suspected of being corrupt. Once out of prison, he sets about living a normal life and hitting the road.

But when that same. In fact, the ex-con is persona non grata with the boys in blue. Based on the series of novels by Robert B.

Even Mark Wahlberg , who stars as the titular Spenser , seems bored with the film. Set in Boston because where else would a Mark Wahlberg vehicle be set?

The murder is pinned on a young. Parker , the Spenser character first appeared on-screen around the same time as those films,.

Beyond that — and maybe a surprising cameo from Post Malone —. Mark Wahlberg had to get ripped for Netflix 's Spenser Confidential.

This is the fifth time that the actor has worked with director Peter Berg and he had to get in shape.

As for how he did it, Wahlberg seems to have taken some advice from The Mandalorian 's Baby Yoda in terms of what to eat. The actor claims that he lost 10 pounds in 5 days, thanks to his new diet, which also sounds like it might have been torturous.

Wahlberg had this to say after Berg requested he be in shape. I just did a bone broth and a fast and a cleanse and I literally lost 10 pounds in five days.

I lost five percent body fat and I lost 20 points of visceral fat literally in five days. Bana will star as Mike Hailwood , considered among the greatest motorcycle racers of all time.

Bana and Connolly will direct from a screenplay written by Bana. The story will focus on the story of Hailwood, a nine-time world-champion motorcycle racer returning to the Isle of Man race in after an year hiatus.

Run on public roads on the British Island, The Isle of Man is among to most dangerous races in the world, with fatalities since its inception in Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster will write and serve as showrunners and executive producers on the series.

Peter Berg is attached to direct all eight episodes of the series. Patrick Radden Keefe and Barry Meier will both serve as consultants.

Their instrumental, contemplative and profound music is at odds with the gritty approach the filmmakers take, giving the action a sentimental and over-the-top quality.

You only need a few slow motion sequences with their music to understand why people are so taken by the film. Berg used the band to score his film "Friday Night Lights", which with their score, made high school football look like a matter of life and death.

Here, it can almost be played for laughs. At the end of the day, "Lone Survivor" comes off more like "Act of Valor" in an extended celebration of the branch it depicts, rather than the cold, clinical and procedural approach of a film like "Zero Dark Thirty".

The final act of the story is very different from the real life event. My theater erupted in applause when the Taliban villain who loves to behead people gets killed.

In real life, there was no such threat on our main character's life once he was taken in by the villagers.

With exaggerations like these, and lines like, "You can die for your country, I'm gonna live for mine," the film really doesn't do a good job at being anything other than a feel good and proud patriotic product.

And don't get me started on the closing credits, with Peter Gabriel's slow and over-the-top rendition of David Bowie's song "Heroes".

Not that there's anything wrong with such a film, but let's not pretend that this is the greatest war film ever made.

If there is one thing that this film will accomplish is to make you feel something. I assure you you will not get bored watching it.

Now, what you will feel will no doubt be up to you. For myself, I felt mostly rage against a botched mission in an ineffective war.

Raytheon should be annoyed that a movie about a mission failed primarily because of communication issues showed their red flashy brand on the comms equipment.

I wanted the characters to succeed, to survive, but I could not ignore the fact that they were soldiers being there only to kill an enemy commander.

Having all Americans die in slow motion while scores of Taliban died instantly and kind of stupidly didn't help with the empathy.

Also showing pictures of dead soldiers with their families with a pathetic American remake of Bowie's Heroes singing in the background at the end of the movie just fueled more rage.

People in the field try to carry out their mission and survive, while their deaths become political and mediatic material. I didn't enjoy that.

On the other hand, the fights were realistic, the subject based on real events and, outside the pathetism described above, I did not detect a bias towards one side or the other.

You will witness two hours of low tech war in all of its horror and stupidity. The actors also play well, although I like Mark Wahlberg in almost everything he does.

The story, while showing the preparation, courage and resilience of four soldiers in enemy territory, also showed other things, like the logistical blunders that lead to stupid deaths, over-reliance on technology that doesn't really work as you expect and how choices have consequences on the ground that are beyond the ability of normal courts to understand, whether looking from the legal or moral angle.

I liked a lot about the movie how it made you think long after it was over. What would have happened if they just killed the herders?

What would have happened if they tied them up, went a bit down, risked a sniper shot at the enemy commander, then just ran?

What would have happened if the Pashtuni would have ignored the wounded American or would have killed the Taliban scout force when they came to them?

How would the mission have gone if the four guys would have known from the get go that they would be completely alone, with no support or hope for extraction?

Overall, a very emotional movie, two hours long, that shows more a general type of heroism than one with a specific purpose.

Nicely directed and acted. A bit over dramatic, but then that's to be expected. Worth watching. Some have cast doubts on the verisimilitude of parts of this picture.

Of course, those who impugn whether some events really happened or whether they happened the way they are depicted in the movie neither underwent the kind of training Navy S.

Ls do nor did they ever find themselves in circumstances remotely approaching those of the four comrades. We do not know what punishment the human body is truly capable of withstanding until we are put to an extreme test, gods forbid.

I can honestly not remember the last time a Hollywood movie did that. Very moving, very poignant, very touching.

For that alone, as well as for keeping me riveted for the whole of two hours which is quite a feat given my cynical and jaded nature , it deserves unalloyed plaudits.

HardToFindMovies 12 January I have already seen Lone Survivor and it was not to my liking unfortunately.

I feel the film is completely absurd with 4 Americans shooting and killing about Taliban who continue to attack in waves and are slaughtered while the Americans spend about half the film rolling down a mountain and slamming into rocks and trees If you have to march miles and miles you take the goat herders with you.

If you can't march them any further you tie them to a tree. In addition, the 4 Americans hunker down on a mountain top and don't appear to have any clay-more mines with tripwires.

These are normally set up around the perimeter of an area where Americans are hunkered down. The Americans also went into a combat mission with crappy phones The dialog in this film is poorly written but the acting in and of itself is decent with the best work done by Ben Foster.

Mark Wahlberg plays it straight and does not try and over-act and gives a good performance overall. In this movie, the Taliban are brainless and have no problem with losing dozens of seasoned fighters in order to try and kill Americans.

This is a film where every single time the Americans fire a bullet there is a Taliban going down in a large blood splatter and it seems like it takes about Taliban bullets to kill a single American.

Yeah right. This film is a propaganda recruitment film for the US military which in and of itself is not such a bad thing. To be clear the US military is filled with heroes fighting for America's freedom everyday Rock comic book The film delivers a heavy handed patriotic look inside what happened during those fateful hours.

Right off the bat, the film starts with honoring the men and women who serve the United States in the military via a very powerful, if not, melodramatic montage.

The actors in this film exude the necessary chemistry for the audience to really feel these characters as not just characters in the film, but in real life as well.

From Wahlberg to Foster, all four leads play their roles very carefully and it pays off especially when we see each of them in peril.

With such a connection made in the first slow building hour, we are then dropped into a forty five minute, pulse pounding shootout between a huge Taliban force and four trained Navy SEALs.

As the title suggest, the shootout does not end pretty and never even comes close to sugar coating the brutal nature of war.

The entire shootout sequence is filled with hard edged moments of brutality, gore and truly gut wrenching scenes. It is by far one of the most heart racing moments in recent cinema and considering the end results, it is very heart wrenching that by the end of it, you feel as if the wind has been knocked out of you.

By the end of the film, Lone Survivor makes you really appreciate the freedom you have, a feat that has not yet been achieved in film up until now.

This film is as good as Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan, it is absolutely worth seeing on the big screen and I highly recommend it.

Lone Survivor, the movie, is based on a supposedly true story. The source of that story is the book with the same title by Marcus Luttrell, who was indeed the sole survivor of a four-man SEAL team in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Endorsing this movie requires ignoring basic military protocols, suspending the laws of physics, and disregarding the capabilities of the human body.

The Devil, as always, is in the details. Love of country and reverence for its armed forces runs deep in the United States. This is as it should be, and is unsurprising.

We want to believe in the honor, strength and heroism of our men in battle. It is, therefore, relatively easy for a film maker to successfully appeal to our emotions.

For example, in the case of this movie, the Director Peter Berg makes it very painful for the viewer to watch as our men are cut down and fighting till the end; the viewer is also inspired.

The emotions squeezed from the audience makes almost irrelevant the actor's craft. Instead, we are preoccupied with the images of our bloodied countrymen fighting for their lives.

This movie further muddies the water about the catastrophe that the SEALs brought down on themselves. Now we have to contend with the movie, the book, and military reality.

Most of us will have a grossly distorted view of that reality by way of Schwartzenegger-like movies, or this one, Lone Survivor.

In some ways, this movie improves on realism when compared to Mr. Luttrell's book of fantasies. The Director seems to have found Mr.

Luttrell's imaginings too hard to accept. For example: 1. Murphy decisively orders that the prisoners not be killed in cold blood, and sets them free.

Luttrell says in his book that there was a vote taken on whether to kill the prisoners, and the author plays a starring role--as he does throughout his book--in the final vote to release them.

Murphy character recognizes that their mission has been compromised and so orders his team to move to higher ground and seek extraction ASAP.

Luttrell says in his book that his team merely moved a few hundred meters, and continued the mission.

Luttrell describes, in his book, jumping over cliffs and down slopes 6, 7, 8, 9 times or more, with nary a broken bone, and an unsecured weapon close at hand.

Unfortunately, the Director chose to accept Mr. Luttrell's wild and unsupported claim of enemy soldiers poised to engage the SEALs.

In the movie, the SEAL team actually see armed enemy in the village. Luttrell, in his book, sees enemy directly above his position--and notes each enemy soldier's armament; he later just assumes the estimate of in all.

Luttrell has remarkable observational abilities. The number of enemy is vastly reduced in the SEALs' own commendations.

Furthermore, other very respected sources give the number of enemy as 8- The SEALs placed themselves in a textbook, tactically worst-case position.

A single enemy rifleman could have been fatal to one or more members of that SEAL team. The Afghans in this movie are shown as ambulatory targets, without a hint of soldierly virtue.

They know nothing of cover, or how to aim a weapon. Yet, they discovered the precise location of the SEALs, maneuvered on them, and caught them flat-footed.

In both the sanitized version the movie , and in Mr. Luttrell's book, the SEALs' incompetence and disregard for basic military principles is manifest.

War is unforgiving, and the SEALs paid the logical price. We should not forget, too, that their failures cost the lives of 16 other American servicemen.

Had Lt. Murphy survived, rather than Mr. Luttrell, he should have been court-martialed. After viewing Lone Survivor, I was disappointed on many levels.

Lone Survivor, however, is propaganda, and I was insulted by the movie's lack of integrity and general stupidity: 1 Bad guys brandishing weapons traditionally struggle with accuracy in movies.

But these four guys face an onslaught of hundreds of soldiers many with automatic weapons , fall off multiple steep cliffs, survive direct hits with boulders and trees, yet spring to their feet for another round with the bad guys.

Even when struck by bullets, they tough it out and continue to fight on. Look, I have nothing against our Navy Seals and root for them while in battle, but even they must abide by the laws of physics.

If this were true, the war would have been over ages ago. Incidentally, the makers of the movie were granted full access by the U. And while that isn't necessarily an indictment of the movie for example, I enjoy Polanski movies but realize he's a convicted sex offender it does give me pause for the movie's motives.

A cute little kid, just like one of ours! Putting aside its political overtones, this movie is plain lousy: dreadful character development, false New Mexico landscape, overlong and poorly executed battle scenes, and midway through the movie, poof, it gives up on the narrative back at the base.

Let's watch our brave boys fight and kick ass, from a safe distance of course. Or hackneyed sports announcers who love to talk about "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here.

If you think that's exaggeration, look it up. I am heartened so many others also rated the movie poorly.

After all, Lone Survivor isn't a Disney fantasy, and we simply would like better screenplays and realism in our movies.

I recently viewed Twelve O'Clock High and was extremely impressed by its portrayal of the brave American men who flew daylight bombing missions against Nazi Germany in World War 2.

Here we are 65 years later. Four soldiers are taking 30 thirty 7. They keep moving and keep killing dozens of Muslims which blood is sprayed in huge amounts of grape juice.

Four Brave soldiers are taking 2 huge falls hitting rocks and trees with heads and spines at high velocities. They keep moving and keep killing dozens of Muslims.

Yes, this movie is actually that bad. It brings disrespect to the actual soldiers. Lone Survivor is rated 7. This shows the level of intellect and how brainwashed typical American viewer is.

The target audience the movie was aimed at. Mark Wahlberg should take some notes from Matt Damon, when the first is taking part in retarded propaganda for dumb target audience, the latter is bringing water and toilets to Africa, traveling there himself.

However I enjoy war films that make an impact, showing war for what it is. This film was miles off that mark. Making comedy to please the arena.

Rather then actually paying the proper tribute to the fallen with their acts of courage, bravery and valour. There were absolutely no combat tactic's of any real battle significance shown as established.

This film was a machine-gun'slasher, in it Rambo meets Sparta. The frogmen aka sniper-ninja's. Try to fly off of mountainsides a few separate times.

Headbutting granite, smacking their necks, backs, limbs into tree's and rocks. When being riddled with. The enemy who engage with superior numbers, die overwhelmingly to single shot kill guns.

Even when having many RPG's but not grenades. After the insurgents claim the elevated positions, they can not really create any shrapnel explosions of any kind, even when the frogmen are but a few yards below.

The Talibunnies die in numbers to the holy hand grenade, in this propagated comically attempt at heroism. The scenery shown was within a lush forest.

I am wondering what part of Afghanistan that region is? Perhaps bordered with Pakistan wouldn't response EVAC been more timely, if being backed by air support or drones?

Would the insurgents not have planted IED's and mines where the radius for optics on their stronghold was in location. Despite of arming their goats with cell phones?

Alas the frogman's tale is spun on the title, once being peppered with so many bullet holes they eventually. Action film's could be made with realism when showing specific war events in honour of those that have fallen.

Or they are turned into fiction. This is Sparta, NO, not at all.. An undeniable aspect of war, whether or not you make rationalizations on its regrettable purpose or demonize its existence entirely, is that it's an utter hell that tries the mentality and physicality of the courageous men and women who fight in the conflict.

Most war films have captured the hellish and nonsensical brutality of war through challenging cinematic portraits, either through the allegorical heart of darkness showcased in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, the apathetic political influences in Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Glory, and even in cinema's first triumphant reflections with the adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front.

But while all wars impact people there aren't enough films that showcase true examples of wartime heroism which neglects a chance to embrace the humanity in the soldiers who are put into these tumultuous and life threatening circumstances.

This is where Peter Berg's ominously titled latest film Lone Survivor differs from the a vast majority of the war film experience because rather than postulating on the reasons or criticisms for war it only seeks to depict the strong links of brotherhood involved in our armed forces ranks through an effective nonpartisan slant.

Returning to his attention to detail roots showcased in The Kingdom and leaving behind an unfortunate deviation into the ridiculous with Battleship, Berg has concocted a relatively solid film in Lone Survivor that follows the real life events that happened in to Navy SEAL Mark Luttrell and his team in the Afghanistan Mountains when a secret operation is compromised.

Though the film could have had deeper character development and interaction in the first quarter of the film, an aspect that slightly detriments the overall impact of the picture, its solid and intimate middle core of brutally authentic wartime conflict captured in real time is a technically astounding, emotionally engaging, and definite pulse pounding experience.

To the film's creative credit in staying true to the events that transpired it demonstrates that the relentless pummeling of war doesn't always come with the Hollywood convention that is graceful relief giving the film a true experience of modern warfare.

Lone Survivor might have its storytelling flaws, mainly due to a conventional structure and some fairly assumed character involvement, but when it erupts into the focused intimacy of soldier bonding amidst the chaotic brutality of battle in the middle of the film it becomes a relatively involving homage to the relentless dedication of spirit within our soldiers.

Let's for a moment abstract away all the blue team good, red team bad stuff and focus on the facts of this movie as we are told them.

In the left corner we have the blue team consisting of 4 guys armed with three M4A1 Carbines and one Mk. They each carry a couple of hundred rounds of ammo and some M9 pistols.

Already things are looking bad for the blue team but things are about to get even worse when we learn that the blue team members consists of guys who will be airdropped into a foreign civil war where team red is currently fighting.

They will know nothing about the local customs and language and will have to make their way on foot using only maps and a radio.

Their task will be to kill the commander of the red team and get back safely. Having only this basic information any reasonable man will conclude that team red will wipe out team blue and he will be correct 99 times out of a What is perhaps more surprising is the amount of damage that this 4 man team is able to cause and absorb.

And this is where we leave the realm of the possible and enter the real of WrestleMania. I would have much preferred the depiction of what probably actually happened.

They where spotted, engaged and finally subdued. At least this way we would all have learned a valuable lesson. That being; if the mission sound crazy, it's because it probably is.

Air Officer Brian Call Doctor Samuel Cloud JAG as Samuel J. Cloud Perparim 'Peter' Bici Penzi Robert Loerke Captain Jacoby Kurt Carlson Captain Lovas Daniel Fulcoly Andrews Michael P.

Wallace Paul Craig Zabi John Hocker Hocker Robert H. PJ 1 Jim Cusic PJ 2 Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Mikael Ayele Gulab Villager uncredited Peter Berg Soldier uncredited Todd Bethke Gulab's Elder uncredited Rowdy Brown Nurse uncredited Scott Esquibel Gulab Villiger uncredited Trey Holland Navy Seal uncredited Timothy Holmes Navy Seal uncredited Cory Kapahulehua Ranger uncredited Sergio Kato Navy Seal uncredited Darlene Kellum Nurse uncredited Jahan Khalili Gulab Villager uncredited Lawrence Kruckeberg Navy Commander uncredited Corey Large Navy Seal uncredited Joseph Daniel Martinez Afghan Widow uncredited Tailor Murray Navy Seal uncredited Maxine Paul Afghan Girl uncredited Frank Powers Navy Seal uncredited Diego Romero Taliban Fighter uncredited Michael Isaac Salman Voice Actor uncredited Hillel Michael Shamam Wahlberg Corey Welk Heffron Richard Oswald Michael O'Brien Duran Al Goto Wahlberg Jennifer Gingery Cody Baker

New Movies We Have. King Conquerorthe most renowned of the Spanish medieval kings of Aragonwho added the Kingdom of Valencia, the Edit Did You Know? Das einfache Leben des Bürgerrechtsanwaltes Roman J. With a blizzard raging outside, and the first responders struggling to get to the accident, it's every man for. Jack London's brutal Wolf Larson brings a shipwrecked aristocrat Buttler Gerald a con woman aboard his doomed ship, the Ghost. Plot Keywords. External Reviews. Added to Watchlist. Adapted for science fiction from the New York Times best selling adventure novel by American novelist Jack London, Into the Void features the story of the lone survivor of a space Regie führte Peter Bergder auch Toni Curtis Drehbuch schrieb. Leach Alexander Hörbe Dan Bilzerian 1. Comedy Romance. Action Drama War.

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