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LEGO® Friends – Videos. Sieh dir die neuesten Abenteuer von Emma, Andrea, Mia, Olivia und Stephanie an – den fünf Freundinnen von LEGO® Friends aus. Lego Friends Filme im KinderTube kostenlos anschauen. ist speziell für Kleinkinder und Kinder im Vorschulalter entwickelt. Folgen anschauen. Die Mädels wollen alle unbedingt etwas darbieten, doch nur Andrea schafft es in die nächste Runde Genres: Animation, Kids. Audio languages: Deutsch. Wo sie auftauchen ist immer etwas los und sie sindfür jeden Spaߟ zu haben. Genres: Animation. Audio languages: Deutsch. Watch for € with Prime. Lego Friends: Olivia ist vor zwei Wochen nach Heartlake Citiy gezogen und fühlt sich nicht wohl in der Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Super RTL.

Lego Friends Videos Deutsch

Die Mädels wollen alle unbedingt etwas darbieten, doch nur Andrea schafft es in die nächste Runde Genres: Animation, Kids. Audio languages: Deutsch. 79 Min. Genre: Animation. Sprachen: de Deutsch. Lego Friends Filme im KinderTube kostenlos anschauen. ist speziell für Kleinkinder und Kinder im Vorschulalter entwickelt. Folgen anschauen. Fünf beste Freundinnen sagen Dieben und bösen Gaunern den Kampf an. Schließlich soll ihre Stadt ein cooler Wohnort sein. Trailer und weitere Infos ansehen. 79 Min. Genre: Animation. Sprachen: de Deutsch. Mittlerweile ist Friends die am zweitbesten verkaufte Baureihe. So ist die Verteilung im dritten Jahr The Lego Movie (Platz 1), Friends (Platz 2), City (Platz 3). Heartlake Shopping Mall. StephanieMia. Mia's Camper Van. In click, many of these colours were seen on the Colour Palette and even used in other themes insuch as dark azure in Alien Conquest and Aqua in Cars. Flash Der Rote Blitz shot. Party Styling. Olivia's Hamster Playground. StephanieAlicia, James. Monats-Höhepunkte des Streamingdienstes im Überblick Https:// ansehen. Netflix Netflix. Eine unfaire Show 11 Min. Schwestern 12 Min. Die Sprache der Tiere Doku Schwangerschaft Min. Here Erstausstrahlung:

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Das Heartness-Monster ist zurück und die Badegäste trauen sich continue reading in den See. Andrea macht bei der Talentshow der Stadt mit, um einen Urlaub für sich und ihre Freundinnen zu gewinnen. Die Mädchen haben eine tolle Gelegenheit, auf ihre wichtigen Anliegen Acht Tage zu machen. Hai-Alarm 12 Min. Staffel 1 Staffel 2. Netflix Netflix. Charlies Eignungsprüfung 11 Min.

In reality, many of these colours were seen on the Colour Palette and even used in other themes in , such as dark azure in Alien Conquest and Aqua in Cars.

Friends is still one of the first times these colours were used regularly rather than parts for characters.

Apart from building elements, Friends sets include many specially moulded accessories, which increases their playability.

Over two dozen new moulds of this kind were introduced, such as new bowls, kitchen utensils, pens, hairstyling accessories, several new flowers and unique rubber hairpieces designed for female characters.

Friends also reuse a few parts from Minifigures , like pies, pretzels, beakers, microphones. Friends has also introduced many new animal moulds including redesigned horses and a foal, rabbits, parrots, dolphins, butterflies and bugs, also cats and dogs in different poses.

There are also some entirely new moulds, such as a hedgehog, a squirrel and a turtle. Most of these figures appear in different colour variants.

The Friends Animals subtheme released in was entirely dedicated to the Heartlake City fauna. These small sets are sold in polybags, with three bags per series.

The first winter wave of sets released in follows the adventures of the girls in a suburban setting, the summer wave also focuses on a more rural setting with Emma and Stephanie going to a horse-back riding camp outside of Heartlake City and Olivia taking a camping trip.

The winter wave went back to the suburban setting and added two water themed sets, which go outside Heartlake City to the beach and ocean.

The summer wave added a high school and other suburban-themed sets, while expanding the characters' interests to include soccer and music; a large yacht rounded out the sets.

The winter wave saw several farm and agriculture-themed sets, including a farmer's market, a horse barn and a set where one of the characters nursed a newborn lamb.

A beach-side house was also added. The summer of saw several animal rescue and nursing sets, playing off the polybag sets featuring animals such as baby bear and tiger cubs, birds and other wildlife; each of these sets was set in a jungle.

A camping caravan set and a large shopping mall — the largest Friends set yet — went on sale to round out the suburbia theme.

Several of the winter sets were new versions of sets issued during the original wave, the most notable examples being a new veterinary clinic and hair salon; also, Emma's House replaced Olivia's House the last original set still in release in late All-new sets included a hot-air balloon, a beachfront lighthouse and a pizzeria stand; the summer of brought a private jet, airport, tourist kiosk, a small grocery market, skateboard park and a hotel.

The summer of brought a new subtheme: "Pop Star" sets, centering on the life of Livi , a pop music recording artist who apparently lives in Heartlake City and is friends with the main "Friends" gang.

Sets in the initial wave represented a recording studio, a backstage dressing room, a performance stage and a tour bus.

Announced for January were a mansion where Livi lives, along with a television studio. Main article: Mini-doll figure. The mini-dolls were introduced with the Friends line, and were initially exclusive to this line.

Since then, the Disney Princess and Elves themes, as well as at least one Friends-related Fusion set, have been introduced and use mini-dolls.

The mini-doll is much closer in scale to classic minifigures than the figures from previous "girl" themes, such as Scala and Belville.

They are around 5 millimeters taller than a standard minifigure and are less blocky and stylized. The mini-dolls are made out of four parts, like most regular minifigures: legs, torso, head and hair.

In , 29 mini-dolls were introduced, not counting second variations. In , 3 new mini-dolls were introduced, and more have been introduced with each subsequent wave.

The theme takes place in the fictional Heartlake City, and centres around the lives of five girls, Olivia , Mia , Andrea , Emma , and Stephanie , and their adventures in and around the city.

In the winter wave of , the sets were mostly based the girls' interests or their hangouts. In the summer wave of it had more of a summer subtheme having Summer camp for Emma and Stephanie, there was also a bonus Christmas set to have Olivia and Christina celebrate Christmas.

In , the girls looked at new interests such as going to the pool, grooming dogs and karate, while in , the girls developed agriculture-related interests and worked in the jungle caring for sick and injured animals.

The announced wave for summer included the girls becoming pop music stars although performing arts-related interests were hinted at in several earlier sets.

The success of the Friends line of sets inspired rival construction brick manufacturers to introduce their own line of sets targeting girls.

This included Mega Bloks, which marketed a line of sets featuring Mattel's Barbie [1] and for younger girls Hello Kitty.

Each of the friends—Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma—has a distinct personality and interests, such as animals, performing arts, invention and design, that are reflected in the models.

Join your 5 new friends in Heartlake City! They live in HeartLake City, a charming town built around a heart-shaped lake.

These five friends are always ready for fun adventures! A world of dreams to build! Over at the Tree House, you can build a sky high lookout.

Organize a barbecue, play with the cat Minou or redecorate any room in Olivia's house. Or you can build a clinic to take care of animals at the Heartlake City Vet's office with Sophie and Emma!

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Class 2. Contents [ show ]. Map of Heartlake City from one of the instruction booklets.

Toa Kopaka Nuva. There seems to be a miscomunication. Categories :. This is a description taken from LEGO.

Do not modify it. Click here! Andrea , Marie. Heartlake Flying Club. Olivia's Treehouse. Stephanie's Cool Convertible.

Adventure Camper. Olivia , Nicole. Summer Riding Camp. Stephanie , Emma , Ella , Theresa. Emma's Horse Trailer.

Butterfly Beauty Shop. Emma , Sarah. January Heartlake Vet. Mia , Sophie. Heartlake Stables. Mia , Katharina. Olivia's House. Anna , Olivia , Peter.

Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery. Emma's Splash Pool. Andrea's Stage. Olivia's Invention Workshop. Olivia , Robot.

Mia's Puppy House. Emma's Fashion Design Studio. Olivia's Speedboat. August Andrea's Bunny House. Mia's Bedroom.

Heartlake Dog Show. Andrea at the Beach. October 13 , Mia's Skateboard. Olivia's Desk. Emma's Car.

Stephanie and Mailbox. Ice Cream Stand. Birthday Party. Summer Picnic. Water Scooter Fun. Mia's Magic Show. Emma's Karate Class.

Olivia's Newborn Foal. Rehearsal Stage. Heartlake High. Stephanie , Matthew , Ms. Downtown Bakery. Danielle , Mia. Heartlake Pet Salon.

Emma , Joanna. Heartlake City Pool. Andrea , Isabella. Andrea's Bedroom. Olivia's Beach Buggy. Stephanie's Soccer Practice. Emma's Sports Car.

Dolphin Cruiser. Mia , Andrew , Maya. Squirrel's Tree House. Cat's Playground. Turtle's Little Oasis. Hedgehog's Hideaway. Poodle's Little Palace.

Bunny's Hutch. Fawn's Forest. Parrot's Perch. Puppy's Playhouse. Flower Stand. Stephanie's Bakery Stand.

Andrea's Beach Lounge. Jungle Boat. Model Catwalk. Sunshine Harvest. Mia's Lemonade Stand. Emma's Lifeguard Post. Stephanie's Newborn Lamb.

Olivia's Ice Cream Bike. Andrea's Mountain Hut. First Aid Jungle Bike. Jungle Falls Rescue. Summer Caravan. Olivia , Joanna.

Heartlake Juice Bar. Andrea , Naya. Jungle Bridge Rescue. Mia , Matthew. Stephanie's Beach House.

Stephanie , Kate. Jungle Rescue Base. Andrea , Stephanie. Sunshine Ranch. Mia , Liza. Turtle's Little Paradise.

Tiger's Beautiful Temple. Penguin's Playground. Macaw's Fountain. Orangutan's Banana Tree. Brown Bear's River. Seal's Little Rock.

Lion Cub's Savanna. Panda's Bamboo. Heartlake News Van. Emma , Andrew. Heartlake Horse Show.

Stephanie , Robert. Heartlake Shopping Mall. Stephanie , Emma , Julian , Sophie. Jungle Tree Sanctuary. Jungle Accessory Set.

Beach Hammock. Smoothie Stand. Olivia Friends. Mini Golf. Emma Friends. Wish Fountain. Pop Star Red Carpet. Andrea Friends.

Vet Clinic. Vet Ambulance. Puppy Training. Little Foal. Olivia's Garden Pool. Mia's Roadster. Stephanie's Pizzeria. Heartlake Hair Salon.

Emma , Natasha. Heartlake Lighthouse. Emma's House. Emma , Charlotte , Luis. Heartlake Hot Air Balloon. Andrea , Noah. Heartlake Skate Park.

Heartlake Private Jet. Olivia , Matthew. Heartlake Grand Hotel. Andrea , Stephanie , Olivia , Nate , Susan. Pop Star Recording Studio.

Pop Star Dressing Room. Livi , Emma. Pop Star Show Stage. Livi , Andrea. Pop Star Tour Bus. Livi , Stephanie , Mia. Pop Star Limousine.

Olivia , Livi. Heartlake Food Market. Mia Maya. Heartlake Airport. David , Stephanie , Sandra. Cupcake Stall. Adventure Camp Bridge. Bowling Alley.

Party Train. Party Cakes. Party Gift Shop. Party Styling. Pop Star TV Studio. Heartlake Supermarket. Adventure Camp Archery.

Adventure Camp Rafting. Olivia Andrea. Adventure Camp Tree House. Stephanie , Emma , Joy. Foal Washing Station. Heartlake Puppy Daycare.

Andrea , Mia. Horse Vet Trailer. Olivia , Sophie. Heartlake Riding Club. Stephanie , Mia. Amusement Park Arcade.

Amusement Park Space Ride. Amusement Park Hot Dog Van. Was könnte das nur sein? Mein Konto. Olivias Roboter Zobo spielt nach einem Routine-Upgrade auf einmal verrückt.

Wie kann Olivia das Problem beheben, wenn Zobo einfach nicht stillhalten will? Die Freundinnen geben ihr Bestes, um ihn zu beruhigen.

Doch nichts hilft! Vielleicht wird ja ein ungewöhnlicher kleiner Helfer zum Retter in der Not. Verrücktes Glamping!

Lego Friends Videos Deutsch Video

LEGO Friends Die Kostümparty StephanieAlicia, James. Cat Bauchdeckenstraffung Vorher Nachher. Heartlake Vet. OliviaBen. StephanieKate. OliviaZoboRumble. Lego Friends Videos Deutsch

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Das ehrgeizige Mädchen hat ein Händchen für schöne Kunstwerke. Wer ihr begegnet, möchte sofort selbst kreativ werden. Hilf ihr, ein Porträt ihrer Freundinnen zu malen.

Was für ein tolles Geschenk! Andrea freundet sich mit einem niedlichen, kleinen Singvogel mit einer wunderschönen Stimme an. Sie hat eine Idee.

Die beiden können gemeinsam ein Konzert geben, ein Puppentheaterstück spielen und noch vieles mehr, um die Spaziergänger im Park zu unterhalten.

Die Freunde sind auf einem Roadtrip in ihrem Wohnmobil, als sie den perfekten Ort in einem geheimen Wald finden, um zu campen.

Die Rettung der Bucht 11 Min. Andrea veranstaltet ein Konzert, um Geld für die Leuchtturm-Klinik zu sammeln, doch Rezepte Lecker Problem mit der Promenade droht, eine Panik auszulösen. Mia plagen auf der Piste gewisse Schwierigkeiten, die nur mit Vertrauen und Teamwork zu lösen sind. Die Kunst siegt! Wer ist Carlo? Alvah ergreift ihre letzte Chance, um zu beweisen, dass ihre Apparaturen gewöhnlichen Menschen haushoch überlegen sind. Mo Der Grand Prix 12 Min. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Black Mirror German Stream Nachts im Leuchtturm 11 Min. Doch irgendetwas stimmt mit der ganzen Sache nicht. Weitere Details. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Lego Friends im Fernsehen läuft. Mia ist mächtig Schwestern Beste und nicht nur, auch Andrea, Stephanie und Emma. Lego Friends Videos Deutsch Mo Think, Buck Brannaman can Kunst siegt! Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Die Sprache der Tiere 11 Min. Die Falle 12 Min. Alvahbots im Anmarsch 12 Min. Als sich die Mädchen um die Meerestiere kümmern, die aus dem Ozean fliehen, erfahren sie Kleim der Join. Meta Hiltebrand Mann sorry des Heartlake-Seemonsters. Eine unfaire Show 11 Min. Vollgas 12 Min.

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