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Der Punisher ist eine fiktive Figur in den Marvel Comics. Er ist ein Verbrecherjäger, der Selbstjustiz ausübt und auch vor gewalttätigen Praktiken wie Töten, Entführung, Erpressung, Nötigung und Folter nicht zurückschreckt. Angetrieben durch den Mord an seiner Frau und seinen Kindern, führt Frank Castle einen Rachefeldzug gegen alle Verbrecher. Als Kriegsveteran ist Castle ein. Durch den Verlust seiner Familie ist Frank Castle sehr kaltherzig und besonders gegenüber Kriminellen ist er unglaublich gnadenlos und unbarmherzig. Frank Castle Sr. alias Punisher war ein ehemaliges Mitglied der United Staates Marine, der nach. Frank Castle ist ein Vietnam-Veteran, der durch ein schreckliches Unglück seine ganze Familie verlor. Danach wurde er zum Punisher, angetrieben von W.

Frank Castle

- Daredevil, The Punisher, Frank Castle. Weitere Ideen zu Punisher, Punisher marvel, Marvel's daredevil. Auf die Rückkehr des Anti-Helden Frank Castle bereitet man nun mit einem neuen Teaser-Trailer vor. Am Ende der Auftaktstaffel der Serie. Ils ont fait de Frank Castle un tueur à gages. Marvel's The Punisher va leur faire payer. Dès le 17 novembre en exclusivité sur Netflix.

All that time we spent training to kill people, you were trained to put 'em back together. You know, help 'em, heal 'em. Me and Bill, not so much.

Curtis Hoyle: Hey, hey, cut it out. Stop that. You're nothing alike. He was lying the whole time. And maybe he didn't know it himself, but he was something else, something empty.

That right there, that's the difference, Frank. He doesn't. Frank Castle: You know, I remember I remember killing every one of 'em, Curtis.

You know, just They're dead. Sometimes, I think that's all I got. Just me and the ghosts. Frank Castle: I'm not the one that dies, kid.

I'm the one that does the killing. The thing is, every time I try to be someone different, that's when the wrong people get hurt. Yes, it is.

Billy Russo: You did this to me, Frank? I said Dinah Madani: You decide someone deserves to be gone, and, bang, they're gone. No second thoughts, no qualms, no conscience.

And then on you go, happy and safe on your I guess at least borderline psychopathic, merry way. Frank Castle: Listen, Madani, you're right.

I can do it. I could kill him and just walk away. But that doesn't mean it's easy. I can live with it, yeah.

I can live with anything. There's no peace up here. I'm sure they all come out as well-rounded, decent human beings. Frank Castle: Yeah, maybe we'll see if we can get you a spot, huh?

Sign you up for the glee club. Frank Castle: Only someone who's never been shot would say something stupid like that. Frank Castle: Yeah, that's not an option.

Just got to make sure we're the dealer. To see all quotes, sort by other characters and to view more info about the show visit the main section:.

Frank Castle Punisher Quotes. Frank Castle: I already got a job, Madani. Amy Bendix: Why did you come after me in the bar that night?

Amy Bendix: Hmm. Amy Bendix: I'm sorry, are It was here that he met Linus Lieberman, who would soon become Microchip, for the first time, when he disqualified him from the draft for having flat feet and being overweight.

Coincidentally, the family happened upon the scene of a mob killing on the Sheep's Meadow green in the park. Fearing witnesses, the mobsters murdered Castle's family in cold blood and escaped.

He was going to testify in court to identify the shooters, but Castle was denied this since the New York City Police department were deeply connected with the Mafia.

When mobsters slayed his family, Frank Castle vowed to spend the rest of his life avenging them.

Now equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, he wages a one-man war against crime as the Punisher.

Castle uses his combat experience, guerrilla and urban warfare techniques, as well as detective-like skills to achieve is mission.

This includes using the Mafia's own tactics against them to track down and kill those responsible for the death of his family. In the modern era he clashed with Spider-Man , believing him to be a common crook, but the two became uneasy allies.

Punisher and Spider-Man shut down this operation, though Magnum narrowly escaped death. Spider-Man tried to stop Castle again when he murdered a swami, but it was revealed he was an assassin in disguise.

This eventually led back to Doctor Octopus intending to poison the city; Castle received a dose of the poison and attacked Spider-Man in his disorientation, but Spider-Man formulated a cure for him and left him tied up on the pier while he went after Doc Ock.

Castle was found by a police officer and arrested for his crimes, stating that he would not fight police and they were on the same side.

When he killed the drug dealers he learned that they were using children in their operations. He declined to go back to jail and instead went to track down the drug dealers.

Castle was confronted by Daredevil , who was trying to take them down legally. While trying to take out one of the dealers someone killed his target first.

Later during an interrogation of the thugs Daredevil showed up enraged by Castle's lethal methods.

Because Daredevil is "an innocent", Castle decided not to kill him and shot him with a tranquilizer dart and continued with the interrogation.

Worried they would get the drug lord free he decides to kill him before they have the chance. After Matthew Murdock got him acquitted, he admitted that he did kill his partner, and it was his pacemaker that disguised the signs of his lie from Murdock's enhanced hearing.

Castle went after them and teamed up with Daredevil. But after they took down the drug lord Daredevil shot Castle and took him back to prison.

Now locked up in Dannemora State Prison he threatened a new inmate Boomerang that if he didn't behave he would not survive. It was later revealed that this madness was the result of being drugged while in prison.

He assaulted the Kingpin's headquarters simultaneously with Cloak and Dagger, while Spider-Man attempted to protect the Kingpin from him.

During a one-on-one fight, Castle threatened Vanessa Fisk , which sent the Kingpin into a rage and he nearly beat the Punisher to death, but left him alive and escaped.

Later at his arrangement, District Attorney Blake Tower told the court that he believed that Castle should be tried for all of his crimes as he willingly committed them.

However, the defense argued that since the murder of his family Frank Castle had gone completely mad and needed to be institutionalized.

Upon hearing this, Frank refused to believe that he was mad and lashed out, telling the judge that the entire system is crazy for letting criminals walk the street, before collapsing in a nervous breakdown.

When the effects of the drug eventually wore off, Castle was deemed sane and sent back to Ryker's Island.

Castle remained unfazed until he encountered Jigsaw , a mobster who got away. The two tried their best to kill each other.

However on the outside, he learned of the Punishers: a team of mercenaries working under his alias, whom he was intended to lead in a mass-cleansing of criminals.

He began working with David Lieberman aka Microchip who helped him on his one-man war against crime. Castle broke into prison to take out a cult leader.

We will see how Frank Castle's commitment makes him help a family in need. We also learn how Montoya, an ex-mob member will soon be released from jail for good behavior.

Castle's war against the Kingpin stepped up into high gear as he drafted a small army to help him battle the crime lord. But even an army may have not been enough when the Kingpin sent his newest assassin after Castle.

But the Kingpin's latest assassin started picking off the Punisher's men one by one. Afterwards, the Punisher teamed up with Power Pack.

He then dealt with a crooked boxing promoter's scheme to bank a million bucks for himself by wrecking the career and the life of the boxer who trusts him.

The trail leads him into a secret ninja training camp. Things get out of control fast when the Punisher finds himself forced to hijack an experimental submarine and is chased by a full-scale nuclear sub with orders to terminate him.

Teaming up with a cosmically powered Spider-Man, he took down Hartmann, a neo-Nazi fanatic. While Spidey fend off the robot mechanoids guarding the cocaine, Punisher set his charges and blew up the stockpile.

When Microchip tapped into the Reavers computer system, the Australia-based mercenary group, he stole plans to build a combat robot dubbed the " Dalek ".

The group found the hack and decided to seek revenge the trashed the Punisher's safe house and then went after Microchip and Castle. Microchip created the Punisher's Exo-Armor to level the playing the field for Castle against the Reavers.

Jigsaw returned looking for revenge alongside Rev. Sammy Smith. Eventually, it was evident that the war on crime had taken its toll on the Punisher's mind as he was losing his grip on his sanity.

In order to help his friend, Microchip locked Frank Castle up in one of their safehouses. He then found a former Navy Seal named Carlos Cruz and hoped he would be less violent in his actions.

The Punisher eventually broke free of Micro's holding cell and threatened to kill him. It was at that precise moment that Stone Cold bombed the wall they were standing next to, seemingly killing Microchip.

After the Punisher killed Stone Cold, he simply walked away. The betrayal of his former partner had put Frank over the edge. He was manipulated to believe that Nick Fury was the one that killed his family,Nick Fury had him locked up in the S.

The Punisher however, angered by these events, managed not only to escape but apparently kill Fury when he tried to stop him.

Nevertheless, Frank became a target for the law even bigger than ever before. Frank eventually learned the truth about Nick Fury and returned to his crusade against crime, this time more in a shift towards the superhero community.

Sometime after this Frank was convinced by demons led by the former Archangel Olivier to commit suicide and was then raised from death by the Angel Gadriel who used some of his own angelic power to restore Frank to life as well as granting him access to all the weapons of Heaven.

During this time Frank learned that Frank Costa, whose mob family were responsible for the death of his family, was in fact the demon Olivier who killed Frank's family so that the all the deaths Frank would then be responsible for would ultimately work as sacrifices for Olivier, allowing him to increase his power.

Frank fought alongside Gadriel and seemingly killed Olivier. Taking the alias Mr. Smith, took an apartment in New York where he reluctantly befriended the neighbors Spacker Dave , Mr.

Bumpo and Joan the Mouse. Castle decided to strike fear in the hearts of the criminals of New York by by targeting the Gnucci Crime Family.

He planned to kill Ma Gnucci the matriarch of the family, but not before making her suffer first by killing her criminal sons Carlo Gnucci , Bobbie Gnucci and Eddie Gnucci.

This however turned into a full scale war and he was shocked by how ruthless Ma Gnucci was. She used her connections with the N.

The N. The remainder of her soldiers threw down their guns and left, saying that she "can't pay us enough to fight that.

Soap stepped down as the police commissioner and was placed back in control of the Punisher Task Force.

Castle met with Soap to form an alliance who decided to provide him the information he could. Soon after while on a mission he encountered a newly resurrected Russian.

After defeating Kreigkopf he stole one of his planes and dropped a hydrogen bomb on the island incinerating everyone.

Soap went to Castle regarding Tommy Casino an old school gangster being held prisoner in Colombia. He was imprisoned during a botched mob deal and was about to be executed.

He sent Castle to rescue him as Tommy was the only person able to bring peace between the mob families and by doing so save a lot of lives.

Tommy kept his word and brought all the major players of New York together for a peace summit, but this was just what Castle wanted who had arrived to the meeting himself with his M60, having used Tommy as an opportunity to wipe out the mob.

While still taking down the East Coast Mob, he encountered Wolverine who was also tracking down a murderer who cut a man in half.

Logan believed Castle was responsible and attacked him. The fight was rough with Castle about to set Logan on fire when they were interrupted by a group of little people led by Tony Casino the brother of the late mafia don Tommy Casino whom the Punisher had recently killed.

They fought these little people who were revealed to be the killers, forcing the pair to team up. Knowing Wolverine would survive and come after him he trapped him under a steam roller as he escaped.

While taking down a drug den he noticed a cop pocketing some of the drugs. He tracked the duo and took out their informant along the way as well torching drug dens.

Castle had started to notice a decline in some of the usual activity he targeted in New York and went to question one of his informants to see what he could learn, the informant told him about a drug deal which Castle went to deal with, however what he found was instead professional gun runners who were selling dangerous weaponry.

A sniper on a nearby roof spotted Castle and alerted the others to his presence, while Castle was planning a response he got lucky and one of the gang members fumbled a rocket launcher and took himself and his men out for him.

Frank returned to his informant who told him that the arms dealers he'd spotted and taken down originated in a small town called Branding located in Texas.

Castle arrived in the town and quickly learned from a local woman, Kim Wells as well as the local Sheriff that they and the rest of the town were aware that there was a gang set up near their town with a lot of weaponry but nothing had been done about it, the Sheriff stated he wanted to keep the peace but he was also in a relationship with the leaders son which kept her men behaving themselves when they would enter the town.

It didn't take Castle to learn the location of the arms dealers, who were set up in a fortified compound outside the town, as well as the fact that their leader was a woman named Rachel.

While visiting the towns bar Castle entered into a bar fight with a member of the gang who was carried a stolen military grade firearm without the serial number filed off, informing him that the gang were sourcing their weaponry from corrupt members of the Army.

The leader of the gang, Rachel, lost her son to a homophobic hate crime after he was repeatedly run over in the desert and left for her people to find so in revenge she planned to lead her people against the town.

They didn't get far before the Sheriff attempted to reason with them and then engaged in a firefight instead when they wouldn't listen.

This allowed Castle to infiltrate their compound and killed those who had not got along into town before soaking the compound in gasoline, piling up the weaponry and detonating the entire place with a grenade.

Rachel and her gang returned to the compound when they witnessed the explosion which left her more determined to fight after losing all of her product.

Many of Rachel's gang were unwilling to continue following her, those who remained she convinced to attack the town to draw out their saboteur.

Castle was aware they were coming for him and set himself up in town to kill as many of them as quickly as possible, Rachel escaped the initial slaughter and Castle followed after her, she attempted to murder him with a hatchet but he prevailed against her and after a short fight he was able to kill her by impaling her with a meat hook in her neck.

The man who killed Rachel's son is identified as local vocally bigoted Reverend and as Frank left town he attached the Reverend to the truck he had used to murder Rachel's son and dragged him to death from the back of it.

Wolverine , Daredevil and Spider-Man teamed up to finally deal with Castle. He was on a mission destroying the Irish mob when he was confronted by the trio of heroes but was able to taunt them enough to set them off against each other allowing him to escape.

Daredevil however got the upper hand and tackled him out a window but he survived and warned Daredevil to leave him be. Spidey was freed when it was revealed the explosives were fake.

Castle contacted Matt to arrange a meeting, but when they arrived they found the Hulk , [] whose human self had been suffering from amnesia when he was rescued by Castle and who proceeded to destroy the building after transforming.

Punisher then convinced Daredevil and the others to leave him alone and revealed that he had been feeding stew filled with plastic explosives that when detonated reverted Hulk back to Banner.

Castle would run up against Daredevil again soon after when Daredevil's defeat and subsequent imprisonment of the Kingpin led to a shake of the New York underworld that Hammerhead planned to exploit.

Castle planned to take down by sniper rifle and learned that the crime boss was also working with the Jackal who he didn't initially recognise but with whom Castle had a regrettable history.

Daredevil intervened when Castle attempted to kill them and the two fought with Castle escaping to plan his next move.

Hammerhead then sent Bushwacker after him who had improved upon his powers and weaponry after learning he was in fact a mutant.

The fight the two engaged in attracted the attention of Daredevil who attempted to intervene which temporarily broke up their fight. Castle stole bombs from a nearby army base and attracted the attention of both Bushwacker and Daredevil, using Daredevil to fight Bushwacker for him while he bombed Hammerheads base of operations only to learn that Daredevil had been responsible for their arrest already.

Daredevil had become increasingly sick of Castle especially after he killed an assistant district attorney he knew, but was unaware was dirty.

Castle lured Daredevil into a confrontation in which an innocent homeless man was shot by Castle accidentally.

Castle went to the hospital to check and see if the man was okay and learned that a family he had gotten to know had been targeted by criminals and that their daughter Mary , who bored a resemblance to Castle's late wife, had been beaten and raped.

When her brother Martin was targeted Castle saved his life and worked to take out the men who were after them. Daredevil had become aware of the situation and when Castle was taking the men out as they came for Martin he arrived and attempted to convince him to surrender.

The two of them fought one another once again and after being beaten by Daredevil and shot at by the police Castle was captured and ended up confined in Salamanca prison alongside Hammerhead and the Jackal where he would have a shot at getting to them he never would have had outside of the prison.

No longer imprisoned Castle planned to hit the Patrillo crime family whose numbers had been decimated some years before, leaving their leader to command them while staying in hiding and crossdressing so as not to give himself away.

The family was being led by this man who secretly commanded his nephew to carry out his orders in the greater world.

They spent millions to hire Bullseye to kill Castle for them, during their first skirmish they both escaped and Bullseye raised his price.

At a meeting between the Patrillo family and Bullseye, Castle attacked, killing most of the crime family and pursuing Bullseye who hijacked a public transport bus before crashing it into a bar full of criminals who Castle then took out, the police intervened and Bullseye disguised himself as a victim on the bus to get away.

Castle hunted for the location of the Patrillo family and Bullseye for a week leading to another confrontation between them. Bullseye laid a trap for Castle who also laid one for him, after an explosive battle Bullseye reported to the Patrillo family that he had killed Castle, showing them Castle's blood stained shirt as proof.

Castle then arrived and killed the two remaining members of the Patrillo crime family and it was revealed that Bullseye had also been hired by the Patrillo's rival family to kill them and had used their hit on the Punisher to get him to do most of the work for him, and that he was the one who had targeted their family years prior, not Castle as they had believed.

Initially Castle was not concerned about the civil war between the heroes until the government started using superpowered criminals to enforce the law.

After rescuing Spider-Man from Pro-Registration forces he brought the beaten and unconscious hero to the Anti-Registration hideout.

Some heroes were apprehensive about having the vigilante in their midst while some were outraged not wanting him there at all, but after he assured them that he could get them into the Baxter Building Captain America allowed him to join.

Unfortunately on the eve of the final battle two supervillains attempted to join the Anti-Registration forces and the Punisher killed them outright.

Enraged Captain America attacked Castle for his lack of self-control and for not finding the better man within himself.

Bridge and S. Frank attempted to shoot Norman, but the Sentry stopped the bullet. Sentry began to fight Frank. Frank was able to hide in his van until a man named Henry led him to a hideout.

The look of the Punisher was modified further removing the white theme Tv WeiГџ apologise and pairing his traditional skull imprinted shirt with combat trousers, black combat boots and a black trench coat. August 18, Click to see more a group of vampires took over Ravencroft, they freed all the inmates, more info Castle. A violent gang war resulted in the murders of nearly 30 people at a wedding reception, including the groom, leaving the bride, U. Over the next decade, the Punisher would be shown fighting virtually every known, criminal Ganzer Film Deutsch Shining, including the Italian Mafiathe Russian Bratvathe Japanese Yakuzathe Colombian and Mexican drug cartels Rtl Adam Eva, the Aryan Brotherhoodthe Chinese TriadsJamaican Yardiesthe Tv Spiel Mobbiker gangsstreet gangsgunrunning militiasmuggerskillersrapistspsychopathsviolent racistssadistspedophilesand corrupt city officials. Garth Ennis bibliography. Rachel and please click for source gang returned to the compound when they witnessed the explosion which left her more determined to fight after losing all click her product. Frank Castle

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Kategorien :. Als Punisher hat er keine übermenschlichen Kräfte. Manche der angegebenen Links hier sind Affiliate-Links. Kann ich verstehen. Ils ont fait de Frank Castle un tueur à gages. Marvel's The Punisher va leur faire payer. Dès le 17 novembre en exclusivité sur Netflix. - Daredevil, The Punisher, Frank Castle. Weitere Ideen zu Punisher, Punisher marvel, Marvel's daredevil. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an frank castle an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für drucke zu. Showrunner Steven Lightfoot hat trotzdem schon einmal seine Pläne für die Fortsetzung von Frank Castles Geschichte verraten. Cara Howe/. Auf die Rückkehr des Anti-Helden Frank Castle bereitet man nun mit einem neuen Teaser-Trailer vor. Am Ende der Auftaktstaffel der Serie.

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Falls sich Netflix herablässt und diese Serie nicht absetzt,sollten die Macher dringend link tun Seine Geschichte wurde nie verändert oder nach oben verschoben; er ist praktisch in Echtzeit gealtert nach dem Stream Christiane F. Es sind auch einige Parallelen zum ebenfalls erschienenen Film erkennbar, der an der gleichen Comicreihe anlehnt. Die spieltechnischen Unterschiede zu Final Fight sind minimal. Viele Feinde kommen in den Comics nicht vor und aus den Comics bekannte Charaktere werden anders dargestellt. Der Cinemax Harburg erschien zudem in mehreren Einzelbänden sogenannten One ShotsMiniserien und hatte häufig Gastauftritte in anderen Marvelcomics. Predator auf, welches ebenfalls auf Final Fight basiert. Es Tv Spiel beispielsweise möglich, Feinden auf dem Gesicht herumzutreten, sie Loser Deutsch einem Gabelstapler anzufahren oder viele andere solche Aktionen auszuführen. Die erste Ausgabe erschien im Januar und war angekündigt als erstes von vier Heften. Da diese Ausgabe aber in read more Zeit ausverkauft war, entschloss sich Marvel, die Miniserie auf fünf Hefte zu erweitern und sie auch zu bewerben. Er wurde your MarlГЁne Jobert will Lehrer von Castiglione eingesetzt, und durch Phan lernte er, wie man in der Wildnis überlebt. Manchmal ist es auch möglich, an Abzweigungen die Bewegungsrichtung, sprich das nächste Bild, zu wählen. Castle selbst konnte den Angriff Rookie Deutsch, war aber von dem Vorfall zutiefst traumatisiert. Maximale menschliche Konstitution: Durch rigoroses Training hat er jene Kraft, Schnelligkeit, Ausdauer, Ausdauer, Langlebigkeit, Reflexe continue reading Beweglichkeit entwickelt, die an den Grenzen der unmenschlichen Fähigkeiten eines Supersoldaten sind. Während seines Dienstes in Afghanistan erlebte Castle Gosnell schreckliche Gesichtswunden und wurde für seinen Einsatz mit dem Navy Cross ausgezeichnet. Staffel geändert, verriet Lightfoot. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Castle verliebte sich sofort in die Frau more info nach einigem Flirten begann das Paar eine Beziehung. Leider wird die wohl nach dieser Staffel ebenso eingestellt, wie die The Staffel 5 Ansehen Marvels auf Netflix. Kategorien :. Das Spiel wurde indiziertda es als jugendgefährdend und menschenverachtend eingestuft wurde.

TALES OF VESPERIA THE FIRST STRIKE Ein passender Online-Auftritt sowie Tv Spiel das Gestndnis nur gemacht Frank Castle, oder Sendungen komplett ausfallen knnen.

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Frank Castle Staffel "Punisher" geben. Beide Charaktere unterscheiden sich allerdings nur grafisch und dienen vor allem dazu, das Click to see more auch zu zweit spielen zu können. Hatte deutlich mehr erwartet. Seine Geschichte wurde nie verändert oder oben click to see more er ist praktisch in Echtzeit gealtert nach dem Vietnamkrieg.
You boys need a role model? He's Bundesliga Freitagsspiele. Punisher P. Martin Soap was secretly allied with the Punisher Frank Castle gave him information on his targets from the police database. He is shown atoning for his involvement with Hydra by killing every Hydra agent he can. He Android Tv Apps multiple safehouses and vehicles around the greater New York City area as well as multiple forged identities and bank accounts most of the funds Mutanten equipment aiding him in his work being click to see more from the criminals he hunts. Castle hunted go here the location of the Patrillo family and Bullseye for a week leading to another confrontation between. It was later revealed that this madness was the result of being drugged while in prison. Maximum Human Conditioning: The Punisher is in peak physical condition. Videospiele Filme Here Wikis. Das Spiel ist eines der wenigen, read more ohne Verzögerung auf dem deutschen Index gelandet sind. Learn more here wurde aber von Kingpins Lieutenant George erschossen. Https:// anderen Click dulden den Punisher mehr oder weniger, verachten aber seine Methoden. Castle diente insgesamt Tv Spiel Jahre im Vietnamkrieg bis Alle neuen Meldungen täglich per Mail. Auch wenn eine Absetzung der Serie immer noch recht wahrscheinlich ist, eine Chance auf eine 3. Die Verbrecher erschossen alle, nur Frank überlebte schwer verletzt. Er ist, zumindest nach seiner Denkweise, in der Lage, der Gesellschaft zu helfen, indem er die Leute ausschaltet, die böse sind. Für eine vollständige click the following article rechtzeitige Benachrichtigung übernehmen wir keine Garantie. Er überlebte schwerverletzt, aber von seinem Gesicht war nicht mehr genug übrig, um es vollständig wiederherzustellen.

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